Conrad Hughes Hilton

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Conrad Hughes Hilton

Conrad Hughes Hilton is the brother of the renowned American media personality, businesswoman, model, singer, socialite, actress, and DJ Paris Hilton

Named after his great grandfather:

Conrad Hughes was born on March 3, 1994. He was named after his great grandfather Conrad Hilton who was the founder of Hilton Hotels.

Son and brother of Socialites:

His parents are Richard Hilton and Kathy Hilton. Richard Hilton works as a business person, socialite, and television producer. 

He is also the chairman and co-founder of Hilton and Hyland, a real estate brokerage firm based in Beverly Hills.

Kathy Hilton, Conrad's mother, is also a socialite, businesswoman, fashion designer, actress, and Philanthropist

She has worked on several movies and series like Bewitched, Happy Days, and Family Affair, and so on. 

She is also known for Philanthropic endeavors. 

They are blessed with four children: Paris, Nicky Hilton, Barron Nicholas Hilton, and Conrad Hughes Hilton.

Paris and Nicky Hilton are both socialites and businesswomen. Their brother Barron is a model and Instagram influencer. 

Among them, Paris has managed to achieve worldwide popularity.

Is Conrad a spoiled brat?

Conrad Hilton has gotten into several fights. 

His most highlighted and scandalous argument was when he got into a fight while attending a British Airways Flight.

He refused to turn off his cell phone. Later, he was caught smoking weed in the washroom violating the rules of airways

When the staff tried to warn him, he got furious used abusive words. He also said he could own all the flight attendants present there and even called them pheasants

He also threatened the staff and the crew members.

A Drug abuser and sentenced to prison:

Conrad has been involved in illegal practices such as drug abuse since his teenage days. 

Their family said he never got any better after he started using drugs. Also, their family shares that they are not surprised by his activities anymore. 

He was also sentenced to two months in prison for admitting that he used drugs. 

Problems with his ex-girlfriend:

Conrad Hughes was in a relationship with a girl named Hunter. They both split after few months of dating due to the unbearable and illegal behavior of Conrad

He was arrested in 2015 for trespassing and violating a restraining order against him from his ex-girlfriend. 

He showed up at her house early, 4 am in the morning, and tried to break in. 

He arrived at her home on a bathrobe and left a teddy bear in front of the house. 

He was also accused of taking his ex-girlfriend’s father’s Bentley without consent. Later they filed a case against him. 

His ex-girlfriend stated that she is worried about his mental health and he should get checked up soon.

No Career?

Conrad Hughes is not involved in any active employment. He hasn’t made any career move for now. 

He is busy living his lavish life and is often spotted in various events and shows. Besides attending shows and events, he doesn’t do anything. 

Net worth and earnings:

Conrad is unemployed, but he is the heir of multimillion properties, making him a millionaire. But the net worth of his father Richard is structured below: 

Net WorthSources
300 million dollarsOwner of Hilton hotels, businessman

Age, height, weight:

  1. He is 28 years old.
  2. His height and weight have not been revealed.
  3. His nationality is American.
  4. He is a socialite.
  5. He is the heir of multimillion properties.

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