Who Is Cooper Bell? Son Of Tobin Bell

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Who Is Cooper Bell? Son Of Tobin Bell

Cooper Bell is the son of Tobin Bell, an American actor. His mother is Elizabeth Warren

Cooper is a musician and songwriter,

Parents of Cooper Bell.
Parents of Cooper Bell. Source: Pinterest

Cooper's Parents And Sibling

His father, Tobin, was married to his mother, Elizabeth Warren

They had two kids, Copper and Justin Bell, and they enjoyed spending quality time together. 

They often went out for dinner. After 25 years of marriage, they divorced. 

In their divorce, Elizabeth said that she and Tobin couldn’t resolve their differences and requested financial support from him. 

Tobin is a very private person who enjoys hiking and playing the guitar. 

They have two adult sons, Cooper Bell, who is a musician and songwriter, and Justin Bell, who works in consulting and is a family man. 

Cooper is passionate about music and has even opened for a rapper at a live show. 

He is a member of a pop duo called Fabriq. On the other hand, Justin is into business and works for a consulting agency. 

He is also involved in the arts community and is a family-oriented person.


Cooper's age is not known.

Net worth

As an actor, his father Tobin's net worth is about $16 Million.

Cooper Bell with his father, Tobin Bell.
Cooper Bell with his father, Tobin Bell. Source: Pinterest

Tobin Is In All The Saw Movie 

Tobin is known for playing Jigsaw in the Saw horror movie series. 

Even though his identity was hidden in the first movie, he became famous for this role. 

Tobin was born on August 7, 1942. He started acting in the 1970s but didn’t achieve fame until the first Saw movie in 2004

Since then, he has been a significant figure in the horror genre. 

In the Saw movie, Tobin played John Kramer, a character who was 52 years old at the time of his death in Saw IV

Despite the character's death, Tobin continued to appear in the series through flashbacks and time jumps. 

Tobin’s age in each movie roughly matched his actual age during filming, with the latest installment, Saw X, being filmed when he was 80.

The filmmakers considered using computer effects to make him look younger in the movie but decided to show him as he is to avoid distracting the audience. 

Saw X explores the backstory of Jigsaw and his journey to Mexico for cancer treatment and revenge. 

Tobin Is Opposite Of His Character In Saw Movie 

Tobin is nothing like the character, Jigsaw, he played in the Saw movie.

Tobin is the story's primary focus in the latest Saw movie called Saw X

He plays Jigsaw, who goes to Mexico for medical treatment but realizes he has been scammed. 

So, he sets up dangerous traps to teach the scammers a lesson. 

The filmmakers say that Tobin is a friendly and intense person when he is not acting. 

He has been a part of the Saw movie since the first one in 2004

The producers mention that Tobin cares a lot about his character and even changes the script to ensure it fits Jigsaw’s personality. 

Actress Shawnee Smith is also back in Saw X. She plays a character named Amanda, who is loyal to Jigsaw

The director and others were excited to have them back for the movie.

Even after almost 20 years of Saw movies, the fans keep coming back. 

The filmmakers try to be consistent and give fans a two-hour escape with some nervous humor. 

They also promise some surprises and twists in the new movie. 

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