Who Is Cora Blige ? Mother Of Mary J. Blige

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Who Is Cora Blige ? Mother Of Mary J. Blige

Cora Blige is a celebrity mother. Her daughter Mary J. Blige is a popular singer, songwriter, rapper and actress.

She was married to Thomas Blige, a musician. She used to be a nurse by profession.

Cora Blige with her ex-husband Thomas Blige
Cora Blige with her ex-husband Thomas Blige. Source: Pinterest

Was Mary Married?

Mary was married to Kendu Isaacs. She met her husband Isaacs while going through a lot in her life. 

Kendu was a producer and manager for the Queen Latifah track and wanted Mary in that track. 

Latifah's team reached out to Mary in 2000. Mary was touring at that time. Kendu met him in the studio.

She later revealed that when she met Kendu for the first time, she found him cute but didn't make any move as she thought that Queen Latifah and Kendu were in a relationship. 

After their first meeting, they never hung out together, but Kendu was interested in Mary and got her number through his contacts. 

Cora Blige's daughter Mary J. Blige
Cora Blige's daughter Mary J. Blige. Source: Instagram

Then he called Mary and had a conversation. 

In an interview with a magazine, Mary shared that she was happy to know that some cared about her rather than just wanting to have a physical relationship with her. 

They started dating each other. After meeting him, Mary stopped drinking and changed herself completely. 

Kendu supported her throughout. She moved in with him. They tied a knot in 2003

But their relationship ended after 12 years when she filed for a divorce in 2016

She said that Kendu disrespected her throughout their marriage. She also said that he was only after her money. 

There was even a rumor that he had a mistress during the marriage. Their divorce was finalized in 2020.


Her daughter Mary is 51 years old. 

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $ 22 million

She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as a singer, songwriter and rapper.

Cora Blige with her daughter Mary J. Blige
Cora Blige with her daughter Mary J. Blige. Source: Instagram

Mary Had A Rough Childhood

Mary's mother struggled with alcoholism when she was young. 

Her dad, a Jazz musician and vet, also left them when she was four.

She said that her father would come from time to time even after he left them to have a physical relationship with her mom. 

Her mother's income was not enough to hold the family. They did not have a proper place to stay. 

They had to move here and there every time. Finally, they settled down in a public housing project in Yonkers

Her mother was working day and night, so she left Mary with some family friends whom she trusted. 

But that family friend took advantage of young Mary when her mother went to work. 

She kept this secret for a very long time.

Lesser Known Facts About Mary

Mary dropped out of high school to pursue her career in music. 

She struggled with depression for a very long time. 

In an interview, she revealed that she was vulnerable and was having suicidal thoughts. 

But she dealt with depression through her music. Music was her savior. She was addicted to substances. 

She had a very traumatic childhood, and because of this, she turned to drugs to cope with that trauma

After her close girlfriend's death, she realized she was the next who would die like that. 

So she decided to heal her addiction. She has won Grammy Awards nine times. 

Mary founded the Mary J center for Women to help those in need based in her hometown New York Yonkers

Mary struggled with self-love. She didn't like the way she looked when she was young. 

She was also insecure about her hair, skin and body. 


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