Who Is Corey Gamble? Boyfriend Of Kris Jenner

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Who Is Corey Gamble? Boyfriend Of Kris Jenner

Corey Gamble is a business executive by profession. He is also a talent manager in the entertainment industry. He came into limelight after dating Kris Jenner.

He is originally from Atlanta, Georgia but currently resides in Los Angles.

Corey Gamble's girlfriend Kris Jenner
Corey Gamble's girlfriend Kris Jenner Source: Instagram

Is He Dating Kris Jenner?

Corey is in a relationship with Kris Jenner. They started dating each other back in 2014

They attended a Music festival together and were seen being cozy in photographs. 

But the duo did not make their romance public. 

They had been dating for months but did not make any official announcement.

They even went on a trip to Mexico to celebrate Kris's 59th birthday. 

In Keeping Up with Kardashian, Kim revealed her mother's relationship with him in one of the episodes. 

Kim was very concerned about her mom's relationship as they have a huge age difference, and Kris was rushing into things. 

They finally made their relationship Instagram official in 2015

They also appeared at the Met gala in 2016 as a couple. 

There was a rumor that they were engaged as Kris was seen wearing a big diamond ring. 

Corey Gamble with his girlfriend Kris Jenner
Corey Gamble with his girlfriend Kris Jenner Source: Instagram

How Did He Meet Kris? 

Corey met Kris back in 2014 in Ibiza at designer Tisci's 40th birthday party

It seemed that Kanye West played a huge role in bringing the two together as he threw the birthday party. 

They saw each other for the first time at that party. 

She is the ex-wife of Kaitlyn Jenner, who came out as transgender after 25 years of marriage. 

Kris was in the process of getting divorced from her ex-husband at that time when she first met Corey

It started as a friendship, and later, it turned out to be romantic. 

They began dating in 2014 after they were spotted hanging out with each other and seen attending many events together.

Corey Gamble with his girlfriend Kris Jenner
Corey Gamble with his girlfriend Kris Jenner Source: Instagram


Corey was born on 10 November 1980, and his current age is 41 years old. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He weighs around 75 kg.

Net Worth

Corey's net worth is estimated to be $15 million.

He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a talent manager.

Kris Jenner with her daughters
Kris Jenner with her daughters' Source: Instagram

Had A Hard Time Adjusting To Kris's Family

Kris has a big family. She has six kids, five daughters and a son. 

In one episode, Kylie and Kris had a big fight, and the aftermath of their fight continued for a long. 

Kris's daughter Kendall said that Corey picks sides and gives her a hard time. 

In a phone call with Kendall, she called him a bystander and said he let the whole thing happen and handled the situation wrongly. 

Kendal was upset with Corey, wanting him to say sorry to her and man up for what he had done. 

Kris's other daughters stayed away from their fight. Even Kris did not want to be a part of that drama.

Did Corey Cheat On Kris Jenner?

There was a rumor that Corey cheated on Kris

Back in 2016, one of the sources revealed that the two were engaged at one point, but Kris called it off after Corey was seen flirting with a blonde girl. 

Corey was also seen chatting with other women. But the rumor went down as they showed how much they trusted one another. 

But his cheating rumor again caught the headline news in 2022.

One girl posted a blurry video saying that she saw Corey making out with someone else, and it was not Kris

His photo was not clear in that video. 

Hollywood unlocked published an article about Corey allegedly spotted in the club kissing another woman. 

But hours later, the article was mysteriously removed from the site. 

Corey has been a very secretive person, so the Kardashians never trusted him fully.

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