Cornell Haynes III

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Cornell Haynes III

Cornell Haynes III is the son of an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur, Nelly. He has a sister named Chanelle Haynes

His mother's name is Shantel Jackson. He was born in St Louis, Missouri. He belongs to Afro-Americans by his ethnicity. 

He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Cornell Haynes III dad Nelly
Cornell Haynes III dad Nelly Source: Instagram

Relationship Of Status of Nelly 

Back in 2000, Nelly was in a relationship with Karrine Steffans. They dated for a short time and then broke up with each other. 

He then dated Ashanti, a singer, and songwriter in 2003. They had a very long relationship. 

Nelly met Ashanti for the first time in the press conference of pre-Grammy. They dated for a decade and then broke up in 2012

Nelly and Ashanti have also worked on a music video while having an affair.

After ending his relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Nelly dated Lashontae Heckard for a year and later separated. 

In 2014, he started dating Shantel Jackson. They dated for a couple of years and later ended their relationship and remain just friends.

He has two children from his past relationship, which he hasn't opened up to clearly. 

Cornell Haynes III with Nelly
Cornell Haynes III with Nelly Source: Instagram

About Nelly 

Nelly is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur born on November 2, 1974

He was named Cornell Iral Haynes Jr by his parents, but he is known by the name Nelly.

He was born to his parents, Cornell and Rhonda Mack. He started his music career at an early age. 

He started his music career with the Midwest hip-hop group. Nelly released his first-ever solo album in 2000

After that, he started his solo music career. He is well known for his albums and songs titled Nellyville, Air Force Ones, and Pimp juice

Nelly with his mom
Nelly with his mom Source: Instagram

Hatred for girls with bad breath 

Nelly gave an interview to the Fuse where he talked to Ashanti about the changes in hip-hop and his type of woman. The interview started with Nelly and Ashanti talking about changes in Hip-Hop. 

According to Nelly, hip-hop is dominated mainly by other music. The changes that affected other things have also affected hip-hop too. He thinks that the evolution of hip-hop has changed very drastically. 

He was not judging by saying it was in a good or bad position. He said that hip-hop had affected a lot that affected other things in the world. 

He grew up and learned many things at a young age. He talked about his vibe, saying that he had gone through many things to reach the position where he is now. 

He is now happy that he has achieved what he wanted. He talked about the fans saying now fans don't give any private space to the artist. 

Before, it was not like fans could only know about the artist while giving an interview or while the artist was about to release a new album. Now because of social media, fans know everything about an artist.

He then talked about working with Chris Brown

He said he was working with the new talents for his new solo, and he thought of adding Chris to it, so he called him, and Chris found his idea good and agreed to work with him. 

After all the conversations, the interviewer asked Nelly about the type of girls he wants in his life. He replied, saying that he gets unattracted to the girls who have bad breath. 

He doesn't like those girls who lack confidence in themselves, and if he gets with someone like that, it will cause a problem in their relationship later on. He finds girls with a nice set of thighs attractive. 

To know more, do check the link. 

Nelly posted an oral sex video 

In the talk show "The Wendy Williams Show," they talked about the hot news of the celebrities.

While talking about many well-known personalities, they also talked about the famous rapper Nelly. One of the show hosts told Nelly posted a sex video on social media. 

The hosts said that Nelly was their friend, and as the girl host was not feeling like talking about Nelly, she told another host to talk and give information about Nelly's sex tape. 

The video posted by Nelly has Nelly getting oral from a woman. Nelly claimed that his social media was hacked and he was not the one who posted that sex tape. 

The host said that she had seen that sex video because she wanted to know about everything before giving information about it to anyone.

The host said that in the sex tape, no face of Nelly was seen, but the skin was visible. 

The other host of that show spoke in favor of Nelly and said that he is a nice man and thinks Nelly is speaking the truth about his id being hacked. 

After Nelly's sex tape got viral, people started commenting on his private parts. The lady then gave a shoutout to that woman giving oral sex to Nelly

Her whole face was seen, but she didn't know who the woman was. After some time, Nelly deleted that sex tape and told everyone that his social media was hacked and he did not do it.

Nelly is a Dancer 

Nelly gave an interview on the "Tamron Hill Show." In the interview, Nelly shared his dancing show experience, talked about raising his sister's children, and his new album. 

Nelly is a great singer and rapper with many hit record albums, but in 2021 he shocked many people by being one of the contestants in the dancing show "Dancing with the Stars."

His dance performance and the backflip that his done is the show, shocked people. Nelly opened up that he always wanted to try different things, which made him participate in the dancing show. 

His dance teacher Danny helped him a lot, and she gave her 100% to him better and found the perfect steps for him. He had to rehearse a lot. 

He opened up that he always talked about being able to do many things, so he looked up the musical competition, but as Nelly is already from a musical background, he thought it was not a good idea. 

He then thought of dancing, and as he had never danced, it would be a challenge and make him work harder on that.

Because if that Nelly got himself in the dancing show. After that, Nelly talked about his daughter. 

His daughter is now 22 years old, and she has already started his music career. 

As a father, he feels proud of her daughter. His daughter is also working on a Radio show which will launch soon. 

He also opened up about his new "Heart Land" album coming soon. It is country music, but he won't call it country music.

For him, it's a country influence. His new music respects the people thinking of doing something in their place, and he has named it Heartland because he has opened up his heart in that song. 

Nelly also revealed that he is raising his sister's children along with his kids. He would not have been able to raise his kid without the support of his family and brother. 

Age, Height, And Weight

Cornell was born on March 2, 1999, and his current age is 22 years old. His weight and height are 60 kg and 5 feet 6 inches, respectively.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Nelly is $8 Million. He earns as a rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. 

The average income of a rapper is $49,920 per year.

Cornell Haynes III's Father Was Arrested For A Drug Offense

Cornell Haynes III's father, Nelly, is a famous rapper. He is well known for the type of songs he comes up with. 

He was arrested for consuming the drug. Police found drugs on his couch, for which he was taken into custody. 

He said he has never used drugs. He was sent into a diversion program. He stayed there for 11 months. 

His behavior was good in the program; hence he was released soon. He said that he could not trust anyone.

Nelly Was Blamed For Sexual Assaults

Nelly has a great fan base, especially girls who love him and his work. Female fans are all over him in any place he visits. 

But in 2017, a female fan claimed that the rapper raped her on his tour bus. 

She filed a case against the rapper. But as Nelly was popular, people started negatively judging the girl instead. 

She couldn't handle all those negativity; hence she shut the case down. She was not the only one who accused the rapper. 

Another two women also accused him of sexual assaults. But his lawyer claimed that all the accusations were false.

Nelly Didn't Pay Tax

Nelly was busy with his new album in 2016, and he didn't realize that he was delayed in paying taxes. 

He didn't have money as he invested in his music, and fans know about it. 

His fans tripled his Spotify streams during peak hours. 

He had to pay tax for his new earnings as well, but that money really helped him pay his tax. He successfully paid all his taxes.

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