Who Is Cortney van Olphen? Sister Of Scheana Shay

by Manisha Thu Feb 23 2023 Updated On Thu Feb 23 2023
Who Is Cortney van Olphen? Sister Of Scheana Shay

Cortney van Olpnen is the younger sister of actress and singer Scheana Shay.

Her parents are Erika van Olpnen and Ron van Olpnen. Cortney are Scheana are very close to each other. 

Cortney van Olphen's parents and sister.
Cortney van Olphen's parents and sister. Source: Instagram

They even look alike. Both of them are often seen hanging out with each other and show some insights into their bond.

During a pandemic, the sisters showed off their quarantine style in toe-dye hoodies. They also have the same fashion style. 

Relationship Status

Cortney is not married yet but she is dating a guy named Justice Horden. He is a businessman. 

They began dating in 2018 and to date, they are together. Before began dating they were best friends.

Cortney van Olphen with her partner. Source: Instagram

Escaped From A Horrific Fire Accident

In 2019 Cortney managed to escape from a fiery car explosion. 

She was traveling back to Los Angeles for Las Vegas with her boyfriend. 

In the middle of the road, their jeep caught fire and became immersed in flames. 

She even documented the whole thing on her phone, from how the jeep was smoking to it eventually being fully on fire.

The fire and police departments made it to the scene. Her sister Scheana stated that she was grateful that her sister and her boyfriend managed to escape such a deadly accident. 

Scheana Opened Up About Her Journey With Postpartum OCD

Scheana said that she is in her therapy and working on herself and was feeling more confident that before. 

She said that at first, she didn’t know that it was a thing. She said most people are diagnosed with postpartum depression but many are unknown of postpartum OCD. 

She said she knew about it a month before. She advised other moms to check on themselves and open up about it with their therapist. 

She said a few months before her therapy started she even didn’t have the confidence to drive by herself when her baby was by her side. 

She said she used to have thoughts like she might harm her baby or something bad might happen to her all the time. 

So she talked about it with her therapist and she came to know that she was having postpartum OCD. 

But after the therapy, she has become more confident as a mother. 

She said she was proud of herself as she did so many things all by herself. 

She said the journey was definitely challenging for her but it was rewarding for her at last


Her sister Scheana is 37 years old.

Net Worth

Her sister Scheana's net worth is estimated to be $500,000. She has managed to earn this fortune by starring in all ten seasons of Vanderpump Rules.

Cortney van Olphen with her sister, Scheana Shay.
Cortney van Olphen with her sister, Scheana Shay. Source: Instagram

Kate Maloney Is Angry Over Scheana For Pushing Tom Schwartz And Raquel Leviss Fling

Sacheana revealed that when they were in Vegas for the premier of the series Vanderpump Rules, Katie told her that she would accept if Schwartz was really into Raquel.

She said that Katie was the one who started the thing first. When Leviss talked about Kate on their girl's night out her side of the story was completely different. 

Kate said Leviss that she won’t be okay with Tom and Raquel flinging as it would hurt her. 

Kate got furious over Shay and said that she never said that she would embrace Tom and Raquel dating each other. 

Kate said that Scheana is an evil friend. She said a good friend would never hit back at their friend. 

Kate added that karma was going to chase her soon and she would watch her world burn and she will smile over that.

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