Courteney Copeland

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Courteney Copeland

Courteney Copeland is the mother of the famous actor Courteney Cox known for her role as Monica Geller from the worldwide hit series Friends

Courtney's Early Life

Courteney Bass Copeland was born in September 1934. She was brought up and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, United States.

She has Irish, English, Scottish, German, and distant Swedish ancestry. She has her belief in Epicospalian religion. 

Married a Businessman

Courteney was married to a man named Richard Lewis Cox. They got married in the early 1960s

Her husband Richard was a business from Alabama. The exact date of their marriage was never revealed. 

Courteney has four children with Richard. She first gave birth to a boy who was named after her husband, Richard.

He was named Richard Cox Jr. After giving birth to a baby boy, the couple had a daughter named after Courteney herself. 

She gave birth to the Friend's star on June 15, 1964. She is fifty-six years old. 

Courteney later gave birth to two daughters named Virginia Cox and Dorothy Cox Pickett. Her nickname is Dottie

Courtney's late husband and daughter
Courtney's late husband and daughter  Source: Pinterest

Marital Dispute

After having four kids together and living together for most of their lives, Courteney and Richard decided to split, but they never revealed the reason for their separation. 

Their divorce was finalized in the year 1974. After being legally separated, her husband left the house and moved to Florida

Death of Ex-Husband

After moving to Florida, Richard Lewis opened up his own business. He was the owner of the company Cox Pools.

Later, he was diagnosed with rare cancer called Merkel Cell Carcinoma. He battled with this cancer for a long time and could not succeed. 

He passed away on September 3, 2001, at the age of sixty-nine years old. 

Second Marriage

After getting a divorce from Richard Lewis, she married a man named Hunter Copeland

After marrying him, she changed her last name from Cox to Copeland

Her second husband was a former Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council Director. Courteney has five stepchildren. 

Courteney's Career

Courteney never devoted herself to any career. She was a homemaker. 

She took care of four of her children and five stepchildren, which mostly consumed her time. 

Her daughter Courtney said that she never chose any profession to take care of her children. 

She also added that she has always been a great mother and took care of her stepchildren like her own. 

A Grandmother

Courteney is a grandmother of a beautiful granddaughter Coco Riley Arquette.

Coco is the daughter of Courtney Cox and David Arquette. She was born on June 13, 2004

She is seventeen years old. Her parents are no longer together. 

Courteney loves hanging out with her granddaughter. They are often seen together a lot of times. 

Coco also posts pictures of her grandmother on her Instagram stories. They were spotted swimming together once.

Courteney with her daughter and granddaughter
Courteney with her daughter and granddaughter  Source: Pinterest

Relationship with Daughter

Courteney is close with her daughter. They are currently living far away from each other, but she visits her mother frequently. 

Courteney Cox posted a picture with her mother wishing her happy mother's day. She said she is proud to be her mother's daughter.

Net Worth

Courteney Bass Copeland never worked. The net worth of her daughter is structured below:

Net WorthSources
$150 millionActor, producer

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. She is eighty-seven years old.
  2. Her nationality is American.
  3. Her height and weight have not been revealed.
  4. She cannot walk and needs the support of a wheelchair.

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