Who Is Craig Butler? Father Of Leon Bailey

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Who Is Craig Butler? Father Of Leon Bailey

Craig Butler is the father of Jamaican professional football player Leon Bailey. He is a Coach of Phoenix Academy by profession. 

He is not Leon's biological father.

Married Life Of Craig

Craig was previously married to Sophia Smith Butler. He shared two sons with his ex-wife. 

Also, Craig has adopted 23 children, including Leon Bailey, making him the parents of 25 children. 

Craig Butler and his daughter.
Craig Butler and his daughter.

Abusive Wife                                         

Craig and his ex-wife’s marriage didn’t end on good terms. They had many problems between them, and years after their separation, Craig claimed that his wife was abusive to him.

According to Craig, he had been ambushed by Sophia in his workplace, and despite everything, he never filed a case against her. 

After Craig’s accusations, Sophia came out and denied everything Craig said about her. 

She claimed he was a liar and said that she was the one who was abused in their relationship but kept quiet for the sake of their children.

Age And Net Worth

Craig’s son Leon is 26 years old. He has a net worth of Euro 15 Million. His source of income is football. 

Craig Almost Died

Craig opened up about one of his terrific incidents in an interview. The incident took place when he went to Mexico for his business work. 

He got a dealership for a ball shooting machine there and tried to sell it to the club. 

He was walking on the street wearing a typical salesman outfit with a briefcase in his hand when a man suggested a new club called Tijuana

He took the suggestion and walked to the place. However, his decision causes him to get into a problem as he gets kidnapped. He got robbed and beaten up badly. 

Craig got his nose and knee broken, and someone even placed a gun at his head. 

He was then left in the desert to die. Fortunately, Craig saved his life and returned safely to his home. 

Craig Changed Leon’s Life

Craig adopted his son Leon when he was very young. He met Leon when he went to Jamaica.

He was swimming on the beach where he wasn’t supposed to, as he missed reading the Don’t Swim sign. 

He endangered his life there, and when he tried to get back to the shore, he got held up by the current in the water. 

He was having a hard time saving his life, and nobody tried to help him. 

But out of nowhere, a child, who happens to be Leon, came to help him.

Leon was living in a place that wasn’t a safe environment for him to grow up. 

So Leon’s mom asked Craig to look out for Leon, and that’s when he decided to adopt Leon.

Craig got Leon into football and made him the person he is now. 

If it weren’t for Craig, Leon would have become a drug dealer instead of a football player, so Craig is responsible for Leon’s successful life.

Craig Butler and his son, Leon Bailey.
Craig Butler and his son, Leon Bailey.

Craig Stabbed His Son 

Back in 2020, Craig’s son Kyle opened up about Craig being abusive to him. 

His son Kyle claimed that Craig has abused him since he was nine years old, and that has impacted him severely. 

He used to get hit daily, and because of that, he even used to miss school. 

But he also claimed that his mother has also been abused physically and emotionally, to which his mother also agreed. 

Craig had been horrible to him since he was a kid, and Kyle also shared some pictures of his wound and accused his dad of stabbing him. 

Through his social media, he spoke for himself and said that he had enough of Craig’s abuse. 

However, Craig denied all the accusations made by his son and stated that Kyle’s claims were untrue.

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