Who Is Craig Hemsworth? Father Of Liam Hemsworth

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Who Is Craig Hemsworth? Father Of Liam Hemsworth

Craig Hemsworth is the father of Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.

He was born in the year 1955. He is a social service counselor by his profession. 

He follows Christianity and is an Australian citizen by his nationality.

Married Life Of Craig 

Craig is married to his wife, Leonie Hemsworth. He married his wife in 1981, and the couple shares three sons. 

His wife is a former English teacher. Craig and Leonie welcomed their first son Luke Hemsworth in 1980, their second son Chris Hemsworth in 1983, and their youngest son Liam in 1990.

After the birth of their youngest son Liam, Craig moved with his family to where he started working on a farm. 

His wife Leonie supported him in his cattle farming work. He worked there for years, and after that, he again returned to his own country. 

Craig's three sons chose acting careers, and now they've become successful and earned a massive name in the entertainment industry. 

Because of their three sons, Craig and Leonie came into the limelight.

Craig Hemsworth with his wife, Leonie Hemsworth.
Craig Hemsworth with his wife, Leonie Hemsworth. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Craig is 67 years old. He has a net worth of $1 Million. His source of income is as a social service counselor. 

Family of Craig Hemsworth.
Family of Craig Hemsworth. Source: Instagram

Craig Hid His Talent In Front Of Chris

Craig’s son Chris is best known for his acting and, secondly, his muscularity. 

It is the result of his regular workout in the gym and his hard work. 

In one of the videos, he was vlogging with his phone and expressed that he would work out with his father, Craig.

Craig was supposed to be taught by his son about workouts, But Craig surprised his son by putting up a good workout show. 

Craig couldn’t catch up with his son Chris, but he was very close, which surprised Chris.

Craig performed workouts like Dumbbell Bicep Curls, Push-Up Claps, Farmers Carry, Medicine Ball Pass, and other exercises.

Son Paid Craig‘s Debt

Craig took debt when he left his home. It was such a tremendous amount that he never thought he could pay in his lifetime. 

But fortunately for him, his son Chris loved him and the whole family. 

Despite being independent and a successful actor, he looked back to his roots. He knows that his parents have always helped him on the path to becoming a brilliant actor. 

Hence, after he earned enough money, he called his father. He transferred a sufficient amount of money to pay the debt to his father. 

Calling his father, he told Craig to look at his bank account. Craig was shocked after he saw his report was full of money. 

He was pleased about what Chris did to help him. 

Supportive Sons

Craig might have had a difficult life at his time, but he and his wife never stopped helping the children who felt unwanted and abused. 

Being a social counselor, he was devoted to social service. Following his interest and happiness, his sons also used their name and fame to push the favor by being the ambassador of charity organizations. 

Craig is the favorite of all his sons, as they are frequently seen together chilling and spending time together. 

Even on father’s day, his sons, Liam, and Chris were both seen posting awesome pictures of their father with short and sweet captions stating their love towards their father. 

Craig himself also feels lucky as he has got such supportive sons.

Liam Got The Role Of Thor

Chris is widely recognized for his role in the Marvel series movie Thor

His role in the movie is legendary and widely appreciated worldwide. 

But as it might sound surprising, Liam was the one who was approached first for the role of the character Thor.

He was almost finalized for the role when the producer changed his mind and called his brother Chris instead.

Although Liam didn’t get that legendary role, he still shone as an actor in other movies. 

It was better than the bakery job he used to do or the carpet industry run by his brother Chris.

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