Who Is Cressida Trew? Wife Of Khalid Abdalla

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Who Is Cressida Trew? Wife Of Khalid Abdalla

Cressida Trew is the wife of Khalid Abdalla, a British actor and activist

Marriage And Children

Cressida and Khalid married in 2011, and she has been his support for over ten years. They dated for a long before they got married.

Khalid became known for his role in United 93 and is praised for acting and supporting social and political causes

Despite challenges in the public eye, their partnership remains strong. 

Khalid is used to being in the public eye, but his spouse, Cressida, prefers privacy. 

Khalid credits his success to his wife, Cressida.

Despite being married to a famous person, she stays out of the spotlight, letting Khalid take center stage while keeping their family life private. 

They have been happily married for eleven years, showing the strength of their relationship in the entertainment industry’s sometimes challenging landscape. 

Though they keep details about their family life private, they have a strong connection and support for each other through the complexities of the entertainment world. 

They don't have kids yet. 

Cressida Trew with her husband, Khalid Abdalla.
Cressida Trew with her husband, Khalid Abdalla. Source: Pinterest

Khalid Speaks Against War At The Crown Premiere

Khalid is also known as Dodi El Fayed

He attended the premiere of The Crown series in Los Angeles

At the event, he made a statement about the Israel-Gaza conflict by writing “ceasefire now” on his hand in solidarity with Palestine. 

The message was a call for an end to the ongoing violence. 

Khalid displayed this message to photographers, valuing his stance on the issue. 

The actor highlighted the human toll of the conflict, mentioning the tragic loss of lives, including many children and women, as well as numerous injuries in Gaza since October 7.  


Cressida's age is unknown, but her husband Khalid was born on October 26, 1980. 

He is 43 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

As a British actor and activist, Cressida's husband Khalid's net worth is about $3 million

Khalid Talks About Making The Crown Season 6

Khalid talked about his time filming for The Crown Season 6

He shared his nervousness about being part of such a big show, primarily since he had worked on Season 5 before. 

Khalid got more comfortable as he worked on Season 6, collaborating with the writer Peter

He discusses the challenges of filming scenes with Di and Dodi in a car surrounded by paparazzi

Khalis explains how they did not just focus on the past. They also imagined the future. 

They had to deal with challenges like understanding paparazzi and bodyguards, which was necessary for their research.  

Khalid shared that organizing photos in order of time helped them to tell a story. 

They focused on the personal moment between Princess Diana and Prince Charles

He finishes by congratulating the creators of The Crown

Khalid Is Being British-Egyptian Actor And Activist

Khalid is a British-Egyptian actor. 

He was born to Egyptian parents on October 26, 1981, in Glasgow, Scotland

He gained fame for roles in films like The Kite Runner, United 93, and The Green Zone

Khalid studied Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge and later pursued acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

His breakthrough was in the 2007 film  The Kite Runner

Besides acting in movies like United 93 and The Reluctant Fundamentalist, he appeared in TV series like Homeland and The Night of.

Khalid is also known for his activism supporting causes, especially those related to refugees, and serves as a patron of the charity War Child

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