Who Is Cris Paqueta? Mother Of Lucas Paqueta

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Who Is Cris Paqueta? Mother Of Lucas Paqueta

Cris Paqueta is the mother of Brazilian professional football player Lucas Paqueta. Her full name is Cristiane Tolentinho.

She's married to Marcelo de Lima. She is a Portuguese citizen. 

Cris Paqueta with her husband and two sons.
Cris Paqueta with her husband and two sons. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Cris is married to Marcelo de Lima. She and her husband have been married for a very long time and have two sons, Lucas Paqueta and Matheus Paqueta

Both of her sons are very popular in the field of football.

Cris has shared many photos with her sons, husband, and grandchildren. 

She is living a great life with her husband. On her husband's birthday, she shared a photo of them and showered her love through the caption. 

She wrote that she feels grateful to have Marcelo as a life partner and a business part. She feels worthy of sharing a family with him.

Cris Paqueta with her husband, Marcelo de Lima.
Cris Paqueta with her husband, Marcelo de Lima. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Cris's age and net worth are unknown, but she celebrates her birthday in September

Her son Lucas is 25 years old. He has a net worth of $5 Million. 

Children of Cris Paqueta.
Children of Cris Paqueta.  Source: Instagram

Cris Had Never Given Up On Lucas

Cris’s birthday is on the 4th of September, and his son Lucas wished her as he does every year. 

He posted a picture of him with Cris and wrote something below the image. 

He revealed that Cris supported him in every situation of his life. 

She has always believed that her son would be a great footballer as he dreamt of and trusted him with his dreams.

Lucas even thanked her for loving, caring, and being with him till the date. He also promised to be beside Cris in any situation. 

Cris Wants Great Things For Her Son

Cris and her husband live far away from her son Lucas and his family. 

Cris revealed in one of the Instagram posts that despite being physically far from one another, she is still emotionally connected to Lucas and his brother. 

She said that she and her husband always remember Lucas and his brother and recall their growing up in the house they still live in. 

She revealed that every room in their house has great memories attached to it. 

Although they are physically apart, Cris wishes her sons always to shine and be more successful in the coming days.

She also wished that Lucas would always be happy and healthy.

Lucas Could Not Shined In The New Club 

Lucas joined West Ham United in 2022, leaving Lyon FC. It was his first time in the Premier League, and looking at his past performances; the West Ham fans thought that his presence would help his team to level things up. 

The hopes were high after his transfer as he can change the game instantly

But things didn’t go as planned. Lucas couldn’t shine much with West Ham United

Also, the international break was started for the World Cup 2022, so he couldn’t play at his full potential on the team.

The hopes are still up for the fans regarding him changing the scenario of the club and making it better. 

But things are yet to be seen after the international breaks are over. But he seems to be doing quite well in his national team Brazil.  

Arsenal Targeted Lucas

Lucas had a great season in Lyon in 2021 and was the best player in the league for that season. 

He showed his true potential in that season, and for this, many clubs were trying to sign him in. 

Arsenal’s technical director Edu also talked about the midfielder in the media, saying that Lucas was a brilliant player. 

Edu revealed that he had been watching Lucas from his time in Brazil, and he loved the midfield from that time.

He also included that Lucas has been the finest midfielder he has seen, and would love it if Lucas joined his team. 

But Edu shut down the rumors by saying there was no spot remaining for the midfielder and the team would not sign Lucas for the 2022 season

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