Who Is Cynthia Malkin? Wife Of Richard Blumenthal

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Who Is Cynthia Malkin? Wife Of Richard Blumenthal

Cynthia Malkin is famous as the wife of senior United States Senator Richard Blumenthal. Blumenthal is a former lawyer. 

Cynthia graduated from Harvard University. After graduating from Harvard, she worked as a professional photographer. 

Comes From A Solid Background 

Malkin comes from a solid background. She is the daughter of American real estate investor and chairman emeritus of Empire State Trust and Malkin Holdings, Peter L. Malkin and Isabel Wien.

She is the granddaughter of real-estate investor Lawerence Wien. 

Malkin grew up alongside her two brothers, Anthony Edward Malkin and Scott David Malkin.

Her brother Anthony became president and CEO of Empire State Realty Trust in 2013.

Parents of Cynthia Malkin.
Parents of Cynthia Malkin. Source: Greenwich Time

Met Her Future Husband At 16

Malkin was 16 when she first met her future husband Blumenthal at a lawn party in Greenwich

Malkin, at the time, was accompanied by her parents. Her parents put her with Blumenthal as her partner to play tennis against them. 

During a joint interview with Hartford  Courant, Malkin and Blumenthal recalled their conversation afterward. 

She said as they walked up the lawn, Blumenthal asked about where she worked, to which she replied that she was still in school. It was a short conversation. 

He was gone after that. But he did express that it was nice meeting her. 

While Blumenthal said, the only reaction was one of horror. He feared that her parents walking behind her overheard their conversation and thought he was trying to pick up their 16-year-old.

A few years later, they again met at her cousin’s wedding and eventually started dating despite their 15-year difference.

Malkin said she figured anyone who was that good-looking had to be insufferable, but he was oblivious to the stir he made when he walked into the room. 

During her senior year at Harvard, she and Blumenthal got engaged and walked down the aisle the following year on the 27th of June, 1982

Malkin was 21, and Blumenthal was 36 at their marriage.

The wedding took place at Malkin’s parents’ home. At the time, Blumenthal was a senior litigating partner with Cummings and Lockwood.

They have been inseparable since then.

Cynthia Malkin and her husband, Richard Blumenthal.
Cynthia Malkin and her husband, Richard Blumenthal. Source: Pinterest

A Doting Mother Of Four 

Malkin is the doting mother of four grown-up kids: three sons, Matt, Michael, and David, and a daughter, Claire, whom she shares with her beloved husband.  

Malkin, in an interview with Hartford Courant, shared that their children don’t seem to resent the amount of time their father is working because they feel his care and concern for them is profound and that she has devoted herself to making up the difference.

She was involved in raising their four kids and attending every school event, function, and meeting. 

But it doesn’t mean Blumenthal has been an absent father. Despite his busy schedules, he took each child on a memorable trip when they turned ten and received phone calls from their soccer, baseball, and field hockey practices. 

He visited colleges with his oldest son, Matt.

Cynthia Malkin with her husband and kids.
Cynthia Malkin with her husband and kids. Source: Facebook

Age And Net Worth 

Cynthia is 63 years old. Her husband has a jaw-dropping net worth of $85 million

He is one of the wealthiest members of the Senate.

About Her Husband 

Her husband had several appointed positions as a state representative at Stanford before he first ran for office in 1984. 

He had been a US attorney for Connecticut. He worked at the White House under Daniel P. Moynihan as an assistant to President Richard Nixon. 

He was a law clerk to a former United States Supreme Court associate justice. 

Blumenthal was attorney general for two decades before becoming a United States Senator.

He neither drinks nor smokes. His reason for not smoking is his mother’s untimely death from a stroke, which he believes is the result of smoking. 

He gave up drinking from the time when he made a promise to his then 7-year-old son Matt that he would not drink after he grilled him for drinking wine with dinner.

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