Cynthia Morton- Tragedy Of Kellie Pickler Mother

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Cynthia Morton- Tragedy Of Kellie Pickler Mother

Cynthia Morton is the mother of American country music singer, songwriter, and TV personality Kellie Pickler.

Marriage And Children

Cynthia was married to her former husband, Clyde Bo Raymond Pickler Jr.

She shared a daughter with Clyde. Cynthia abandoned her daughter Kellie when she was only two years old

It was because of Clyde. He was abusive to Cynthia, and she couldn't stay with a man like that, so she left her daughter and husband. 

Her former husband died in the year 2019. 

Cynthia Morton's ex-husband and their daughter.
Cynthia Morton's ex-husband and their daughter. Source: Taste of Country

About Cynthia's Daughter Kellie

Kellie is a country singer-songwriter and a TV personality. She came to prominence after she showed her appearance as a contestant in American Idol season five. 

She didn't win the American Idol but managed to get in the sixth position. 

She was born to her mom and dad in Albemarle, North Carolina. She has one half-sister and two half-brothers. 

Cynthia Morton's daughter, Kellie Pickler.
Cynthia Morton's daughter, Kellie Pickler. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Kellie 

Kellie was married to her late husband, Kyle Jacobs. The couple started dating each other back in 2007, and in 2010, she was proposed to by Kyle. 

She accepted the proposal, and a year they got married on Private Island in the Caribbean

Before getting into a relationship with Kyle, Kellie was in a relationship with Jordin Tootoo, a player. They dated for a short time and later broke up.

The couple was thrilled about their marriage, but unfortunately, her husband's death on Feb 17, 2023, separated them. 

Kellie Pickler with her late husband, Kyle Jacobs.
Kellie Pickler with her late husband, Kyle Jacobs. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her daughter Kellie is 36 years old. She has a net worth of $7 Million. Her source of income is singing and acting,

Cynthia Left Her Daughter

Cynthia abandoned her daughter Kellie when she was two years old, and the reason behind her abandonment was her escape from an abusive relationship. 

The last time she saw her daughter was when Kellie was eleven. Her daughter was mad at her as she was left alone at a young age. 

Cynthia shared her side of the story and said that it was hard for her to make such a hard decision, but she had to do it to get from her ex-husband. 

Her former husband constantly abused her, and she had no option. She also revealed that she tried to take Kellie with her, but she couldn’t, as Kellie’s dad ran over her car and took her away with him. 

Kellie thinks that her mom's story is made up and doesn’t believe it. She is heartbroken and hurt by what her mom did to her.

Kellie Threatened Her Husband 

Kellie was married to her late husband, Kyle, for over a decade, and they had a happy married life. 

Kellie and Kyle enjoyed each other’s company and were blessed to be together. 

In one interview with Ellen, Kellie revealed that she threatened her husband, Kyle. 

The thing was, Kellie’s husband Kyle was a great sleeper, and he could easily fall asleep soon after getting into bed. 

On the other hand, there was Kellie, who had insomnia. 

It takes hours and hours for her to fall asleep, and when she sees her husband sleeping easily and comfortably, she gets jealous of him. 

He sleeps too fast and snores, and watching him do that makes Kellie crazy, so she threatens him. 

She told Kyle that if he didn’t stop snoring, she would insert a tampon in his nose.

Kellie Didn’t Invite Anyone

Kellie and her late husband, Kyle, got eloped. They ran away and got married on Private Island in the Caribbean, got and they had a great time with each other. 

They didn’t tell anyone about their wedding, and it wasn’t their actual planning for their marriage. 

Kellie and Kyle had excellent considerable planning for their wedding in Nashville, and she had the whole list of guests ready to invite to her wedding. 

But when she looked at the guest list, she figured that half of the people on the guest list were the people she didn’t like, and the other half were the people she didn’t know properly. 

So she canceled her big wedding plan in Nashville, and Kellie was the one who told Kyle to run away and get married. 

So they eloped, married, and didn’t invite any of the guests purposely.

Kellie’s Husband Killed Himself

Kellie and her late husband, Kyle Jacobs, were a great couple with happy married life. 

They got married in 2011 and sadly got parted in 2023 by her husband’s death. 

Her husband, Kyle, committed suicide. He shot himself in his own house. 

According to the cops, it was known that they received a 911 call from Kellie’s house, and when they reached there, Kyle was already dead. 

Kellie was in the house with him, but she was sleeping. When she woke up, she didn’t see her husband next to him, so she searched for him everywhere in the house. 

She found that the bedroom office was locked from the inside, and after she and her assistant failed to unlock the door, they called 911. 

It was heartbreaking that Kellie had to lose her husband. 

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