Who Is Cynthia Palmer? Mother Of Winona Ryder

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Who Is Cynthia Palmer? Mother Of Winona Ryder

Cynthia Palmer is the mother of actress Winona Ryder. In addition, she is an author and video producer

She was married to John Palmer, but they ended their relationship after the birth of two children.

Later, she married Michael Horowitz. Her husband is also an author and publisher. 

She has four children, two sons, Uri and Jubal Palmer, and two daughters, Sunyata Palmer and Winona Ryder, from two different marriages.

She follows Buddhism.

Children of Cynthia Palmer.
Children of Cynthia Palmer. Source: Pinterest

Is Winona Married?

Winona is not married yet. However, she has been dating Scott Mackinlay Hahn, a New York-based fashion designer, since 2011.

Winona is very private when it comes to her personal life. They rarely publicly appear and don’t discuss her love life in interviews. 

They made their red carpet debut as a couple in 2016, and she also brought Scott as her date on the premiere of Stranger Things.

They are not parents, as they do not share any kids.

Cynthia Palmer's daughter Winona Ryder.
Cynthia Palmer's daughter Winona Ryder. Source: Pinterest


Her daughter Winona is 51 years old.

Net Worth

Her daughter's net worth is estimated to be $18 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an actress

 Cynthia Palmer's husband and their daughter.
Cynthia Palmer's husband and their daughter. Source: Facebook

Winona Talked About The Popularity Of Stranger Things

Winona played the role of Joyce Byers in the Netflix fiction horror drama series Stranger Things

The first season was released in 2016. Winona said that getting such a massive response from the audience worldwide was overwhelming. 

She added it didn’t hit her hard as she is not on the internet and social media that much. 

But her parents are always sending good stuff people say about her to her. 

She admitted that she didn’t imagine the show to be this big when she signed up for the show. 

Winona Was Blown Away To See How Talented 'Stranger Things' Kid's Cast Were

Winona said in the 80s, she was just the same age as these kids were. She said all the kids were very talented at such a young age. 

She added that the kids are very kind and generous, and she is very protective of them. 

She revealed that watching them grow up in the show was a great feeling. 

It has been seven years since the show started, and she is emotionally attached to them. 

She said the kids had been through their teenage period while the show was running. 

She mentioned they were through a lot of confusion and pain. She said it was insane to work with them on such a big project. 

Winona Has Crush On Keanu Reeves

Winona has worked with Keanu in four films. She said that Keanu is her favorite person to work with on screen. 

She added she always felt that they had great chemistry on screen. They met each other at an award show as they were presenting the award. 

She had a healthy crush on Keanu. Keanu also admitted that he also had a crush on her.

Fun Facts About Winona 

Winona was born in farmland in Winona, Minnesota

She was called a shoelace baby because she was born earlier than expected, and they boiled shoelaces to cut off the umbilical cord. 

She has the same birthday as Kate Jackson and Fanny Bryce. She wanted to be a writer like her parents when she was young. 

She has played 68 roles in her acting career to date. She has worked four times with Tim Burton

She was nominated to read a book named Anne Frank. She has played a character named Charlotte three times. 

She has sung a song in Frankenweenie as a nine years old girl. She has done four movies with Keanu Reeves. She had blond hair in two films. 

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