Daisy Evans

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Daisy Evans

Daisy Evans is the wife of English professional footballer Jonjo Shelvey. She has two daughters with her husband. 

Daisy herself is an actress by profession. She has two siblings, Aaron and Alice. She is an English citizen by nationality.

Daisy's husband, Jonjo Shelvey
Daisy's husband, Jonjo Shelvey  Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

As of 2021, Jonjo is currently married to Daisy Evans. She is an actress. They both met each other and then fell in love. 

The couple started their love affair back in 2010 and since then, they are together. 

They dated each other for five years and after that they got married.

Daisy gave birth to her first baby a year before their marriage at the age of 24.

Her first child is her daughter Lola Fleur born on 4 March 2014.

She gave birth to her second daughter Alba Mai on 21 June 2016. They are happily living a good life with their daughters. 

Jonjo and his wife Daisy have been married for six years. As he has kept his personal life private, it's unknown when they met each other and how their love story began.

Daisy Evans with her husband
Daisy Evans with her husband  Source: Instagram

About Jonjo Shelvey 

Jonjo is an English professional footballer born on 27 February 1992. His parents raised him in England

He is one of the talented and well-known players in the Newcastle United club

Starting his football career, he played in the Charlton Athletic and then for Liver pool

He currently plays in the midfielder position in the club Newcastle United. He has played many matches. 

He played in the national team England U19 in 2009

He is a hardworking and dedicated player trying his best to be one of the top footballers. 

Age, Height, And Weight

Daisy was born on 30 November 1989 in Essex, England, UK. She has a height of five feet and six inches

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jonjo is $18 Million. His source of income comes as being a professional footballer

The average income of footballers is $8.5 Million per year.

Jonjo Shelvey Missed A Lot Of Matches

Jonjo is undoubtedly a key player for his team. Playing in full matches in the previous season, he has made an impact on the team. 

Everyone loves his key passes and unexpected ball skill. He has proven to be the best playmaker on his team. 

But in the 2021 season, he does not seem to appear in the match or substitute. 

He has been missing many matches, and the reason is his injury. 

Between the season gap, other players enjoyed their holiday, but for Jonjo, he was busy training himself. 

He wanted to be in his best form at the beginning of the season. For this, he was working up to his best. 

Unfortunately, he got himself injured in the same training. He hence didn't appear in any lineups in the initial game.

Jonjo's Hair Never Grows

Jonjo is never seen with his hair in any matches or events. It's not his fashion or that he hates growing hair. 

He is suffering from a disease named alopecia. He suffered from this disease in his childhood. 

He said that it might have occurred after he fell off the stairs. 

He would have healed if he had taken the precautions given by doctors, but he felt uncomfortable wearing cream and sleeping on a woolen pillow.

Daisy Evans's Husband Easily Gets Angry

Daisy's husband, Jonjo, is frequently angry in the pitch. He plays well, but he becomes angry if things don't turn out as he thought. 

Not only that, but he is also hard to handle when he is angry. 

His coach also said he needed to work on his anger issue as it was bad for him and the team. 

He needed to be wise, according to his coach. For Jonjo, he doesn't listens to others when he is angry.

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