Dakota Rose Wilson- Tragedy Of Melinda Wilson Daughter

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Dakota Rose Wilson- Tragedy Of Melinda Wilson Daughter

Dakota Rose Wilson is the youngest adopted daughter of late American talent manager Melinda Wilson

Her dad’s name is Brian Wilson. She was born in the year 2010. She grew up with his four siblings. 

She is an American citizen by nationality. 

Parents of Dakota Rose Wilson.
Parents of Dakota Rose Wilson. Source: Instagram

About Dakota’s Late Mother Melinda 

Melinda was a former model, car saleswoman, and talent manager. She is well known for being the wife of famous singer Brian Wilson

She was born to her mom, Rosemary, and dad, Leonard, in 1946. She had her birth on October 3

Married Life Of Melinda

Melinda was married to her husband, Brian Wilson. She met Brian when she worked as a salesman at a car company back in 1986

Melinda and Brian fell in love shortly after getting to know each other and started dating. Sadly, they broke up after three years of dating in 1989.

Three years after their breakup, they met again in 1991, giving their relationship another chance. 

They got married in 1995. After their marriage, they adopted five children: Delanie Rae, Dylan, Daria, Dash, and Dakota. 

The couple happily married for nearly three decades until Melinda’s death parted them. 

Dakota Rose Wilson and her father, Brian Wilson.
Dakota Rose Wilson and her father, Brian Wilson. Source: Instagram

The Reason Behind Melinda’s Brief Breakup

When Melinda was dating Brian, their relationship got serious over the years. 

Brian’s therapy attorney, Dr Eugene Landy, didn’t like where their relationship was heading, so he made Brian end their love life. 

At that time, Landy had complete control of Brian’s life. Landy came into Brian’s life when he got isolated because of work pressure. 

Landy took charge of his life and somehow helped him. He was supposed to stay a few years but slowly made his way for longer years. 

He screened Brian’s phone calls and didn’t even let him take his family’s calls. Also, Landy was the one who got Brian to end his relationship with Melinda three years after they started dating. 

Age And Net Worth 

Dakota Rose is 14 years old. Her mother had a net worth of $2.62 Million. Her source of income was manager. 

A Movie On Melinda’s Love Story

In 2014, a movie titled Love and Mercy was released. The movie was a biopic of the real-life story of Brian Wilson and Melinda’s love life. 

Paul Bank and John Cusack portrayed Brian’s character, whereas Elizabeth Banks played Melinda.

That movie showed everything that Brian and Melinda went through in their life journey and how Melinda stood by Brian’s side in every situation. 

The movie was significant for Melinda and Brian, taking almost 14 years to complete. 

They had thought of making the movie years before and were searching for someone with a proper vision, and Melinda felt so grateful when she met Bill Poha, who directed the movie. 

Melinda’s Death Broke Her Husband

Melinda died on 30th January 2024. She became prominent after marrying Brian, and they had a fantastic life together. 

Sadly, she is no more as she passed away at the age of 77. Her husband disclosed her death news through his social media. 

Melinda and Brian shared a beautiful life, and with Melinda’s departure, her husband is devastated. 

Melinda was not just a wife to him. She was also his motivation. Melinda helped Brian through the most challenging time and gave him enough care and love. 

She was there for him, pushing him to make his music career on the days when he almost gave up. So now, with Melinda gone, Brian has lost his wife, mentor, and savior. 

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