Who Is Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside? Daughter Of D.B. Woodside

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Who Is Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside? Daughter Of D.B. Woodside

Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside is the daughter of D.B. Woodside, who is an American actor who played in The Temptations, Lucifer, Single Ladies, and Parenthood. 

Is Woodside married?

D.B. was linked with many beautiful women in his past, but he was in a long-term relationship with Golden Brooks

They started seeing each other back in 2006. The pair welcomed their firstborn in 2009

They were in a very serious relationship. Everyone was expecting that they were going to marry each other. 

However, everyone's expectations went down when they decided to part ways in 2010. 

They are on good terms even though they broke up. They are co-parenting their daughter together.

Woodside is not married to anyone yet.


Woodside is 53 years old. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall. He weighs around 80kg.

Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside's Father D.B. Woodside
Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside's Father D.B. Woodside. Source: Instagram

Woodside gets mistaken for Morris Chester

In the interview with “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” DB Woodside talked about his show Temptation, Morris Chester, and his daughter. 

The interviewer started the interview by talking about Woodside’s show, The Temptation, and told that she was a big fan of the show. 

Woodside opened up that he had an amazing experience being part of Temptation, and as it’s a family show, her daughter could watch that too. 

It has been 25 years of Temptation, so he is hoping for NBC for their reunion. 

He also talked about his days while shooting for Lucifer. His home was just 5 minutes away from the shoot location, so it was very easy for him to get on his bike and reach his work so fast. 

Also, the set was next door to the interview set, so he actually enjoyed being back over there. 

He even told that he missed the tour bus from the set. The people on the set were nice, and he appreciated the love that he revived from the Lucifer Crew. 

After that, Westwood talked about him being mistaken for Morris Chester. 

Westwood and Morris both look alike, and because of that most people mistaken him for Morris. 

He and Morris have known each other for a very long time, and they even did business together. 

They even shared the same publicist. He personally finds Morris a great guy, and so he wishes he and Morris could get cast on any show as brothers. 

He then talked about his 13-year-old daughter. His daughter has a great interest in Volleyball and is great at track, but she is not so much focused on doing homework. 

Also, her daughter has started talking about boy’s things, and as a dad, he kind of doesn’t like that. 

He wishes his daughter could focus more on homework too. Raising children of that age is very difficult, and his friends have suggested he hold on till she is 18, which is really tough. But as a parent, he is working through it. 

Net Worth

Woodside's net worth is estimated to be $4 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an actor. 

D.B. defended his former co-star Megan Markle

Woodside and Megan co-star in a show named Suits. 

In an interview, he said that Meghan was one of the most thoughtful, humble, and nicest people he had ever met in his life. 

He said that she is a very caring woman as she always used to talk with him even though they didn’t have scenes together. 

Megan became the target of British headlines after she married Prince Harry.

Everyone criticized her for everything. In her defense, he said that why everyone was bothering such an amazing woman. 

He mentioned that everything people said about her was untrue, and he was very upset about that. 

He further added that people were blaming her for everything and reaching out even small things to destroy her character. 

He appreciated her and said good things about her, and said that Britain meds to leave her alone. He stood up for Megan.

Woodside opened up about the last days of Lucifer

The final season of Lucifer was wrapped up after the sixth season. In an interview, he spoke about his last day on set. 

He said that he was very sad and got into tears when the show ended. 

He mentioned that the show was very special for everyone, but it was the fans who made the show even more special as they showered the show with love and respect. 

He added the fans believed in the show and made the show bigger than ever.

He shared that the show started in Vancouver, and he met his co-stars, which later turned into a family. 

When he was giving his interview, the show still had six days to wrap up some scenes, but Woodside had already shot his last scenes in the show with Tom Ellis a week before the interview.

He revealed they were crying after shooting their last scene. 

Woodside talked about his directorial debut

Woodside directed one of the episodes of Lucifer. He mentioned that he wanted to direct for a very long time. 

It was episode eight of season six. He revealed that it was the only episode where the entire cast of the show was present from the beginning till the end.

He said that it was challenging for him for the first time, but later, he enjoyed the whole process and recalled it as one of the best moments of his life. 

He said it was a very special moment for him to direct the cast with whom he has worked for many years. 

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