Who Is Dale Russell Gudegast? Wife Of Eric Braeden

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Who Is Dale Russell Gudegast? Wife Of Eric Braeden

Dale Russell Gudegast is the wife of German actor Eric Braeden. Dale herself is an interior and pillow designer

Her parents raised her with her sister, Sigrid Valdis, a well-known late actress

She is an American.

Marriage And Children

Dale is married to her husband, Eric Braeden, a well-known actor

She met him when she went to Santa Monica College to pursue her career in arts.

After meeting and knowing Eric briefly, she started dating him. 

They tied the knot in 1966 and are parents to a son named Christian. They welcomed their boy Christian in 1970.

Dale and her husband, Eric, live happily with their family. They are also grandparents to three amazing grandkids. 

Dale Russell Gudegast's son and granddaughter.
Dale Russell Gudegast's son and granddaughter. Source: Twitter

Dale Is A Supportive Wife

Dale and her husband, Eric, have been married for five decades. 

They are happy in their marriage and very supportive of each other. 

Unlike her husband, Eric, Dale has managed to keep herself away from the spotlight. 

However, her husband never misses discussing Dale and her contribution to his career. 

He said that Dale is behind his successful acting career because she managed to look after their child and house, which made him focus on his career. 

Also, he revealed that he never makes any decision without talking to Dale, and that shows how much love and respect Eric has for Dale

About Dale’s Husband Eric

Eric is a professional TV and movie actor. He is popularly known for his role play as Victor Newman on the CBS soap opera The Young and The Restless

He is also known for appearing as John Jacob Astor IV in Titanic. 

He was born in 1941 and has his birthday on April 3. His real name is Hans-Jorg Gudegast

He is a German citizen by nationality.

Age and Net Worth

Dale is currently 81 years old. Her husband has a net worth of $25 Million. His source of income is acting

Eric Had Cancer

A few months ago, Eric shared his being diagnosed with prostate cancer

He shared his cancer news through his Facebook, where he posted a video of himself talking about how a doctor broke the news. 

He said that he was in the recovery phase of his knee replacement surgery when he felt uncomfortable pain. 

He went to the hospital and looked for a urologist, and luckily, he found one of the best urologists. 

He explained his trouble to the doctor, so the doctor put a catheter through his penis to check his bladder. 

The process was quite uncomfortable, but then a few days later, he went to see the doctor again, and that was the time the doctor broke the news of him having cancer

It was utterly shocking for him. However, the doctor removed his cancer, and now he is cancer-free.

Eric Met Elvis Presley

Eric started his acting career when he was very young. The first series that he ever did was Combat

The series was about World War II, and the whole shooting of the TV series was done at the Sony Lot

He recalled the memory of Combat days during the interview with Latifah and said that they filmed the show in one of the stages where he was giving the interview. 

They did many fighting scenes at the back blob lot and even met Elvis Presley, a legendary singer and actor

Elvis had his stage on the rapid row where he filmed, and during that time, Eric got to meet Elvis, and they enjoyed talking about the car, which was a great memory for him.

Eric Grew Up In War

Eric was born in 1941 at the time of war in Germany

The Second World War was ongoing, and because of that, destruction was everywhere. 

He talked about growing up in war and poverty in his memoir I’ll be Damned and mentioned how difficult the situation was for him and everyone. 

In that memoir, he talked about the terrifying moment, and even to this date, many things remind him of that day. 

He said that every time he hears a siren or airplane, it reminds him of those war days, destruction, and bombing. 

To avoid everything happening in Germany, he moved to America and did many jobs to survive.

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