Who Is Dalia Danoch? Ex-WIfe Of Richard Belzer

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Dalia Danoch is an ex-wife of actor, comedian and novelist Richard Belzer. They tied the knot in 1976 but parted ways in 1978 after being married for two years. 

They have no children together. She is a boutique manager. 

Richard Belzer with his wife.
Richard Belzer with his wife. Source: Pinterest

Death of Ex-Husband

On February 19, 2023, Richard passed away in his Southern France home, according to a Hollywood report. He died at the age of 78.

One of his friends revealed that the actor suffers from many health issues. 

His closest friends in the industry have mourned the shocking death of the actor. 

His close friend Laraine Newman was the first to pay him a tribute.  

Warrant Leight also commented on the news of his demise. Many stars from the industry remembered him. 


Her ex-husband Richard was 78 years old

Net Worth

Her ex-husband Richard's net worth is estimated to be $16 million.

He has earned this fortune from his career as a comedian and actor.

Dalia Danoch's ex-husband, Richard Belzer.
Dalia Danoch's ex-husband, Richard Belzer. Source: Programme TV

Richard Was Accused Of Choking An Apple Store Employee In 2010

Richard was known for playing the role of a police officer for more than decades. 

But in 2010, an employee of an Apple Store in New York City called 911 and claimed that Richard choked her. 

He said his side of the story in an interview. He said that he was at an Apple Store in Manhattan

He often visited that store and loved the staff, who were very open and friendly. 

He said that he was a genius bar waiting for a while. One of the employees approached him and asked if he needed any help. 

He went to her and just said yes with a little physical gesture. He said he didn’t do anything and wasn't yelling at her. 

After ten minutes, some cops came as the employee called 911, claiming a physical assault at Apple Store.

They checked the CCTV video, said that his side of the story was correct, and apologized on her behalf. 

He said he just made a harmless gesture, and that girl took some agenda and created a scene in the store. 

Richard Talked About The Exit Of Sergeant Munch From The Show Law & Order

Richard is known for playing the role of detective Sergeant Munich in the show Law & Order

He said that his character retired from his job as he turned 62, and according to New York Police Department, his character should retire from the detective squad and become an investigator. 

He said he is very emotional as he played the role for 15 years.

He said he is taking his new job but is sad to leave the role of detective. 

He said the show's cast has been excellent as everyone gets along so well, and they meant a family to him. 

He said he had a great experience working with the cast and notable directors. 

Richard Recalled His First Job As News Reporter

Richard started his career as a newspaper reporter. He worked in Bridgeport, Connecticut. 

He said at first, he was only doing the obituaries in prominent city newspapers as a newcomer. 

But later, he got a chance to cover the news. He shared his first cover story as a journalist. 

He covered a story of the Vietnam War. He also went to the funeral of a kid who died in that war. 

He went back to his office and started to write some news. He admitted that he wrote the information in an unartistic way. 

His editor also criticized him for that. He remained a reporter for four years. After that, he became a freelance writer and started to do comedy, and made his Television debut.

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