Who Is Damian Rafael van der Vaart? Son Of Rafael van der Vaart

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Who Is Damian Rafael van der Vaart? Son Of  Rafael van der Vaart

Damian Rafael van der Vaart is the son of a former Dutch football player and current manager of club Esbjerg fB Rafael van der Vaart. He is also a football player and plays for Danish Club Esberg fB.

Damian’s mother’s name is Sylvie Meis. He has a younger half-sibling, a sister named Jesslynn Rafael van der Vaart

Damian Rafael van der Vaart during the match.
Damian Rafael van der Vaart during the match. Source: Instagram

Parents Married Life And Divorce

Rafael was previously married to his ex-wife Sylvie Meis, a model, and a television personality. He got married to her in 2005

A year after their marriage, they welcome their first son, Damian. While he married Sylvie, his wife got cancer and was undergoing treatment. 

Real Madrid wanted to sell him at that time, but he denied it because of his wife’s condition. 

They ended their relationship in 2012 after knowing about his wife’s affair with an airline pilot

Damian Rafael van der Vaart with his mother, Sylvie Meis.
Damian Rafael van der Vaart with his mother, Sylvie Meis. Source: Instagram

Dating Life Of Rafael

Rafael is currently dating Estavana Polman, a handball player. He started dating her in 2016

They have a daughter, Jesslynn Rafael van der Vaart, born in 2017

Family of Damian Rafael van der Vaart.
Family of Damian Rafael van der Vaart. Source: Instagram


Damian was born on 28 May 2006, and his current age is 16.

Net Worth 

His father, Rafael, has a net worth of 22 Million euros

Damian Rafael van der Vaart with his dad, Rafael van der Vaart.
Damian Rafael van der Vaart with his dad, Rafael van der Vaart. Source: Pinterest

Cristiano Taught Rafael A Lesson

Cristiano and Rafael once played in the same club, and while they were in the same club, Rafael challenged Cristiano

They both were training, and at that time, they were practicing free kicks. 

Cristiano took 20balls and tried, but he could not shoot any of them, and Rafael took the ball and shot it to the net and told Cristiano how it was done. 

Cristiano took it as an insult and taught Rafael a lesson. 

On match day, they were awarded a free kick, and Rafael told them that he would take the kick, but Cristino didn’t let him. 

Cristiano took the ball, shot it to the net from 32 yards, and showed Rafael how it should be done.

Injury Ended Rafael's Career 

Rafael started his football career at a young age, and since that day, he has achieved lots of success in his career. 

But sadly, he had to say goodbye to his career because of his injury

As a player, he went through many injuries, but the injury he got while going through many trainings with Danish Club made him say goodbye to his career. 

In 2018, at the age of 39, he announced his retirement, saying that his injury made him give up on his football journey. 

He shared his gratitude to the football, saying he had a great time throughout his football career. 

He was sad because he had wanted to play football for a long time.

Zlatan Threatened Rafael

Rafael and Zlatan were playing at the same club, Ajax, then. 

They were friends at the club, but in a friendly match against each other’s country, they went against each other. 

There was a friendly match between Netherlands and Sweden.

The Netherlands once defeated Sweden, and hence Zlatan wanted to take revenge on the Netherlands. 

While playing, Rafael got injured due to Zlatan’s tackle. He couldn’t play after his injury. 

But after the match, Rafael blamed Zlatan that he injured Rafael on purpose. 

Zlatan was angry after he heard that, and he called Rafael, saying he didn’t do that on purpose. 

But things were not settled as their relationship didn’t go well after the club. 

Later, Zlatan expressed that he didn’t purposely injure Rafael, but if he didn’t believe him, Zlatan would break his leg in real. 

This statement shocked everyone apart from Rafael and their teammates, as Zlatan says it to everyone.

Rafael Thinks Maguire Is The Worst Player

Rafael interviewed Jamie on Sky Sports Football, where they discussed the Chelsea and Manchester United transfer of Harry Maguire.

He was transferred for a lot of money, although being a defender. His transfer was one of the most expensive transfers for a defender

Jamie expressed that Maguire was a great player and was great with balls in the interview. 

But Rafael remembered a time when he was working on a TV, and he commented that Maguire was the worst player on the pitch in the nation’s cup

He played poorly in the nation’s cup, but Jamie said he was better in other games.

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