Who Is Damon Herriman Parents And Partner?

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Who Is Damon Herriman Parents And Partner?

Damon Herriman is a professional actor. He is well known for his appearance in the series Justified as Dewey Crowe.

In 2023, he appeared in The Artful Dodger as Captain Gaine. He was born to his parents, Margaret and Neol Herriman, in 1970.

He has his birthday on March 31. He is an Australian citizen by nationality.

Marriage And Children

Damon is not married yet, so he doesn't have a wife. He is currently single and doesn't have children. 

Damon Herriman photoshoot.
Damon Herriman photoshoot. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Damon is 53 years old. He has a net worth of $3 Million. His source of income is acting.

Damon Was Satisfied With His Death 

Damon was cast in the series Justified to play the role of Dewey Crowe

He started in the series from the beginning, in 2010 and was part of it for five years. 

Sadly, his work in Justified ended with his character’s death in season 6.

In the very first episode of the final season, his character was killed by Boyd

He talked about his death and said he was satisfied with how his character ended. 

During his work, he never really thought about how his character would end, and when he got the script of his death episode, he had mixed feelings. 

He was part of the show for five years, which made him very attached to the show, so saying goodbye to the show was upsetting. 

But he couldn’t think of other ways for his characters to end, so he appreciated the writers for giving a satisfying end to his character.

Damon Played Dewey With A Southern Accent

In an interview, Damon was asked if he did a Kentucky accent for his character Dewey, to which he replied no. 

He revealed that he did the character with his Southern accent. Damon is Australian with an Australian accent, and when he played a part in the movie House of Wax, he played his character with a Southern accent.

After that, he got offered Justified, and as he didn’t know much about his character, he went and gave the audition with his southern accent. 

Luckily, he got the part, and after that, he asked the production if he needed to change his accent and get himself a dialect coach. 

The production told him what he did on the audition was good and told him to continue what he was doing.

Damon Didn’t Know What He Spoke In Movie

Damon did a movie in 2022 titled Nude Tuesday. He talked about that movie in an interview and explained little about what the movie was about. 

He then opened up that he didn’t know what he was saying in the movie as the whole film was made in gibberish. 

They had a script of English words converted into gibberish, so he and other actors followed it. 

He knew what he was saying in the movie after he watched it with subtitles at the Film Festival.

The subtitles were made after they completed shooting for the movie, so he had no idea what he was saying the whole time he hit the film.

Damon Will Always Be Grateful To Justified

Damon’s landed on his big breakthrough after he played in the Justified series. 

A massive audience loved the show, and people who loved Justified also loved Damon’s character. 

Before Justified, Damon had appeared in many shows, but his other didn’t get as much recognition as

Working in Justified gave him attention from people, and as it was his primary job after he came to America, it helped him get other roles in Hollywood.

The character he played had a significant transformation in the series, which made fans love him more and created more opportunities for him. 

Because of that, he will always be thankful for Justified

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