Damon Welch- Tragedy Of Raquel Welch Son

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Damon Welch- Tragedy Of Raquel Welch Son

Damon Welch is the son of the late American actress Raquel Welch. Damon is an actor known for appearing in The Day the Earth Got Stopped. 

He was born in the year 1959 and has his birth on 6th November. 

His father's name is James Westley Welch. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Damon Welch with his parents.
Damon Welch with his parents. Source: Dicy Trends

Married Life Of Damon 

Damon is currently unmarried and single. But he was married to Rebecca Trueman back in 1990

They were married for only two years, and after that, in 1992, they got divorced.

Damon Welch with his ex-wife,  Rebecca Trueman.
Damon Welch with his ex-wife, Rebecca Trueman. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Damon is 63 years old. He has a net worth of $100,000. His source of income is acting. 

Damon Welch with his mother, Raquel Welch.
Damon Welch with his mother, Raquel Welch. Source: Pinterest

About Damon's Mom Raquel 

Raquel is a late actress well known for her role in the 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage as Cora

She had worked on many movies in Hollywood. Raquel was born to her parents Armando Carlos Tejada Urquizo and Josephine Sarah HaIl in Chicogo, Illinois. 

Raquel died in Feb 15, 2023. Her loving mother's death is a tragedy for Damon.

Damon Welch's mother late actress, Raquel Welch.
Damon Welch's mother, the late actress Raquel Welch. Source: AsiaOne

Married Life Of Raquel 

Raquel had been married four times in her life. 

Her first marriage was with James Westley Welch. They married back in 1959 and had two children from their marriage. 

Raquel ended her first marriage in 1962, and two years later, they got divorced. 

She then tied the knot with Patrick Curtis in 1967. They were married till 1972

During her marriage with Patrick, she had an affair with Sancho Gracia, and as Raquel cheated on him, it might be the reason behind their divorce. 

Her third marriage was in 1980, and it was with Andre Weinfeld. They were married for a decade, and after that, they got separated.

In 1999 she got married for the fourth time, and it was with Richard Palmer. 

They were married for only four years. After her fourth marriage ended, Raquel decided not to get married again, so she never did.

Raquel Got Famous Because Of Her Bikini

Raquel was popularly known among the people because of her role play as Luana in the 1960s movie One Million Years BC.

In that movie, she wore a fur bikini, and her photograph of standing in a landscape wearing a fur bikini immediately grabbed the public's attention. 

She looked too sexy, and her perfect figure made her famous very soon. 

Because of that one picture, she became the most photographed woman in the 1960s -70s. 

Many directors and producers wanted to work with her, and most men during that days fantasized about watching her. 

That movie became a breakthrough for Raquel, and she got famous too fast

Raquel Didn’t Want To Be A Sex Symbol

Raquel’s breakthrough role in One Million Years B.C. made her a Sex Symbol in Hollywood. 

Her perfectly toned body made her a sex icon, but she didn’t do anything to get that tag. 

Raquel opened up in one of the interviews and said that she came from a conservative family which had old thoughts, and because of that, she was not raised to be a Sex symbol thing.

She feels that her nature doesn’t match being a sex icon in the industry. 

As an actress, she just played a character in the movie and did what actresses should do. 

She felt that she was locked in the image she created in the movie in the 1960s, but she doesn’t enjoy or like being called a Sex Symbol.

Raquel Got Kicked Out Of The Movie

Raquel was one of the most demanded actresses in the 1960s - 70s. 

The image she had created in Hollywood made everyone work with her, but the same actress got kicked out of a movie.

Raquel was cast in the movie MGM’s Cannery Row but got kicked out of the show after a few weeks of shooting.

She was cast in a lead role but went against the contract, making the director throw her out of the movie. 

Raquel insisted that she would do her hair and makeup at her house instead of doing it on the set of the movie. 

She went against the contract and was fired. After she got kicked off, another actress named Debra Winger replaced her. 

She asked the director if she would be okay with her replacement if he casts her in another movie, but he disagreed with il Never Did Naked Scenes

Raquel was a sex icon in the industry, and despite that, she never performed any sex scenes in her career. 

According to Raquel, her not doing any of the nude scenes was his dad. 

She revealed that she had a very strict dad with old conservative thoughts, and he never allowed her to do such things as she grew up in those families.

She also never felt comfortable doing those scenes. Her dad used to question her about her dress and her hair. 

She was scared of her dad and didn't like him because of his behavior toward her mom. He was abusive and controlling to her mom, which she disliked most about her father. 

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