Dana Teller

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Dana Teller

Dana Teller is the older sister of an American actor Miles Teller. She has English, Russian Jewish, and Irish ancestry from her father's side.

Her parents are Michael Teller and Merry Flowers. Her mother is a real estate agent, and her father is a nuclear power plant engineer.

She has two siblings a brother, Miles, and a sister Erin.

Dana Teller's parents Michael Teller and Merry Flowers, and siblings, Miles, and Erin
Dana Teller's parents Michael Teller and Merry Flowers, and siblings, Miles, and Erin  Source: Facebook

About Brother

Miles was born as the youngest child in the hands of the Teller family back on February 20, 1987, in Downingtown, United States.

He was raised with his two siblings. When he was twelve, his family moved to Citrus County, Florida.

In his high school days, he was president of the drama club and was a drummer for the church boy band. 

After earning his degree, he studied method acting. 

In 2007, when Miles was a passenger in a car, the car lost its control and flipped eight times, causing multiple scares on his face.

In between 2004 and 2010, Miles appeared in many short films. Then in 2009, he graduated from Tisch School of the Arts.

In the film Whiplash in 2014, he played his role as a drummer, who tried to impress his abusive jazz teacher.
The movie earned him nominations for Gotham Awards for best actor.

Only Brother Marriage

Miles might have been in a relationship with many celebrities. But his relationship with model Keleigh Sperry heated off. She is a model.

The couple had been in a relationship since 2013 and finally got engaged on August 20, 2017.

Miles with his wife, Keleigh Sperry
Miles with his wife, Keleigh Sperry  Source: Instagram 

Miles proposed to Keleigh on the African safari over the weekend after almost three years of dating.

In 2015, Miles knew that she was the one for him.

Keleigh has allowed him to focus on acting and do what he wants to do. She is a very supportive wife.

There was a time for them when they had to continue their relationship in long distance. 

But the couple maintains it without any disturbances.

After getting engaged for about two years, the couple finally got married on September 1, 2019. The couple hasn't welcomed their first child yet.

Dana Teller brother Miles Teller with his wife, Keliegh Sperry
Dana Teller brother Miles Teller with his wife, Keliegh Sperry  Source: Instagram

A second bachelor party

Dana’s brother Miles gave an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live show where he talked about his movie, marriage and his grandmother. 

He started off by revealing that his drug was seized in Philadelphia, which was a worth lot of money. Miles was in a whole new look in the interview, which looked quite good. 

When the interviewer asked him about his new look with a mustache, he said it was for his new movie Top Gun where he is in the goose’s son’s role. 

He also revealed that he was getting married soon, and his to be wife loved the mustache. Hence he kept the mustache even after the shooting was over. The whole audience was enjoying their conversation very much. 

When the interviewer asked about his bachelor party, he said that he had already enjoyed his bachelor party. So to enjoy a lot in fit stage, he had already celebrated his bachelor party in the Dominican Republic with his friend. 

As it was too soon for his bachelor party, the interviewer recommended him to have a second bachelor party. 

Miles wished his friend get married soon too. Similarly, Miles talked about his grandmother. He calls his grandmother “Mup.” She always tweets her lovely posts, which shows how much she loves Miles and is proud of him. 

Miles, on the other hand, thinks of her tweets as a blessing and a curse. Miles also called his director a very brilliant person. According to him, his director is very supportive of him and the team.  

Miles Got Punched 

Miles got punched by the wedding planners because of the unpaid bill, and he was in a Maui restaurant with his wife.

They were the wedding planners who worked for Miles's wedding to his wife in Hawaii

According to the listeners in the attack, one guy was talking about Miles owe them sixty thousand dollars.

From the information from different sources, It's not the first time the wedding planners had attacked someone.

They were also seen attacking people from another wedding.

Having Jet fuel in body

Miles gave an interview to Seth Meyers late night show where he talked about Top Gun and his jet allergies. He started the interview talking about his pitching and how much of a baseball fan he was. He then talked about his movie Top Gun. He had great experience working in the movie but it was not really a huge thing for Miles. He had already done many movie before Top Gun so being part of that movie was not something that could ensure him as a great upcoming actor however there were many other actors, to whom it mattered alot. He personally found the whole movie awesome and because of that he was very excited Top Gun's fans to watch it. He did a lot of flying shots in movie so the interviewer asked if he could fly a plane. Miles opened up that he would definitely fly a plane if he had to do alone but he would be able to fly with his family on him. After that Miles shared of his jet allergy story. He was on the jet shooting with other actors and after they landed, Milles felt really uncomfortable. He felt something was not going well with him and his body, shortly later he felt hot and really itchy. When he got out of jet he saw himself covered in hives and started itching hardly. He was rushed for medical treatment where he got his blood checked and later he gave himself a good oatmeal bath. The next day when his blood result came out, he found out that his blood has flame retardant pesticides and jet blood. He found it very strange but at the same time he also found it cool. He then went to his co actor Tom Cruise and told him that he has jet fuel in his body.

Net Worth 

Dana net worth and income sources are unknown, while her brother's net worth and income sources are mentioned below:

 Dana Teller Miles Teller (Brother)

Net worth Unknown $10 million 
IncomeUnknown Actor

Age, Height and, Weight 

  1. Her age is not mentioned officially. But according to sources, she is in her Mid forty's.
  2. Her height and weight have not been disclosed.

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