Who Is Dani Dyer? Girlfriend Of Jarrod Bowen

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Who Is Dani Dyer? Girlfriend Of Jarrod Bowen

Dani Dyer is a television personality and an actress. She was born on 8 August 1996.

She was born in the London Borough of Newham. She is the daughter of Danny Dyer, an actor, and presenter. Her mother's name is Joanne Mas.

Parents of Dani Dyer.
Parents of Dani Dyer. Source: Instagram

Past Relationship And Children

Dani has been in a relationship with the West Ham United player Jarrod Bowen since October 2021.

She announced her relationship with her partner through social media. 

According to her social media, she has been dating Jarrod since 2021.

Talking about Dani's past relationship, she was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Sammy Kimmence

They both have a child too.

They got separated because her then-boyfriend, Sammy, had gone to 42 months in prison.

Dani Dyer and Sammy Kimmence with their son.
Dani Dyer and Sammy Kimmence with their son. Source: Instagram

Dani has a child named Santiago. She calls her child Santi. Dani celebrated her child's 1st birthday six months ago. 

The birthday was a very enjoyable moment for Dani; all her friends came to that party to give well wishes. 

All the well-wishers were so happy for Dani and Santi.


The age of Dani is 25 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Dani is $1.5 Million. She earns from playing as an actress in movies

Dani Dyer's boyfriend, Jarrod Bowen.
Dani Dyer's boyfriend, Jarrod Bowen. Source: Instagram

As A Single Mother

Dani is a single mother. She takes care of her child by herself. 

It's hard for her to take care of her child alone.

Santi's dad was jailed for 42 months, so there was no helping hand for Dani.

Dani Dyer with her son, Santiago.
Dani Dyer with her son, Santiago. Source: Instagram

Dani used to take her child to work for enjoyment, so it didn't become a big problem for her to raise the child.

She used to vlog every moment with her child and share them on social media. 

Her videos and images with the child shows that she is very happy with her baby boy. 

She shares her daily routine and how she takes care of Santi. 

Whereas she feels very proud and happy for her son.

Relationship With Her Boyfriend Jarrod

Jarrod is a West Ham United football player. He has been dating his partner Dani since the last year in 2021.

They both are spending their holidays together nowadays. 

Dani has been posting the dates and times they spend together on social media.

They both look happy together with every click of the pictures.

Dani Dyer with her boyfriend, Jarrod Bowen.
Dani Dyer with her boyfriend, Jarrod Bowen. Source: Instagram

Dani's Relation With Jarrod

Dani's family knew about the relationship between Jarrod and Dani. Dani was in a relationship with Jarrod soon after she broke up with Sammy.

Dani wanted to engage with Jarrod, but her family had doubts, and they suggested Dani not to take decisions fast and give herself time for a healthy and proper relationship with Jarrod so that the same in her past should not be repeated in the future. 

Even Jarrod doesn't have any problem with her baby because he already knows her past.

She knew her past wouldn't be repeated, so she tried to meet Jarrod's family and went to West Ham United to meet his parents.

Family's View On Jarrod 

Jarrod has impressed Dani's family too. His behavior towards Dani, her child, and her family is very respectful. 

Accepting Dani wasn't cool, but how he accepted the child as his son is his greatness for Dani. 

Dani also wants a happy life. She wanted a caring father for the child. 

It's been rumors that they both are engaged, but they haven't gotten engaged yet, but they have said that they will announce it as soon as it happens.

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