Who Is Daniel Arteta Bernal? Son Of Mikel Arteta

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Daniel Arteta Bernal is a celebrity child. He is the son of former Spanish footballer Mikel Arteta. 

He has two siblings, Gabriel Arteta and Oliver Arteta. He is the eldest of all. He was born in 2010. 

Parents of Daniel Arteta Bernal.
Parents of Daniel Arteta Bernal. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Mikel

Mikel is happily married to Lorena Bernal, a model by profession. They tied the knot as husband and wife in 2002.

The couple has been together for more than two decades as of now. Their relationship is still growing strong. 

They became parents for the first time in 2009. Now they are proud parents of their three children. 

Lorena is a very supportive wife. She has stuck by Mikel's side throughout. 

Despite their busy routine, the two have been balancing their personal and professional lives. 

That might be the reason behind their happy and successful marriage. 


Daniel is 12 years old as of now. 

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be a whopping $71 million. He has managed to earn this massive net worth from his professional football career. 

Currently, he is the manager of Arsenal.

Daniel Arteta Bernal's father, Mikel Arteta.
Daniel Arteta Bernal's father, Mikel Arteta. Source: Instagram

Mikel Had A Serious Heart Condition 

When Mikel was just a baby, he battled a severe heart condition. 

He was just two years old when he was diagnosed with a rare condition where his heart was not getting clean blood circulation. 

He has to undergo open heart surgery. He had an emergency operation. 

The doctor said that his operation would restrict him from doing any physical and sports-related activity. 

But his love for football never restricted him from playing on the field. Even his parents were supportive. 

They were aware of his condition, so he had to undergo a lot of medical check-ups before playing on the pitch. 

He did not give up on his passion, so while growing up, his heart condition also started improving with time. 

He is one of the greatest players in Spain. He is now a manager of Arsenal.

Mikel Talked About His Coaching Method

Mikel opened up about bringing good energy to the team. 

He inspired his player with his emotional journey sharing with them about his heart condition, which he had gone through when he was young. 

He spoke about speaking about his emotion in front of the camera. 

He asked his players to rub their hands to generate chemistry and get aligned to play with the team. 

He joked that if they win a game, the technique works; if they don't, it doesn’t work. 

He said that he and his player does that to warm up themselves and bring energy. 

He shared that the player made fun of his rubbing hand technique, but later they started liking it and feeling that. 

The player responded to his technique quite well. 

Lesser Known Facts About Mikel

When he was younger, he played for the club Barcelona. He was just 15 years old when he joined the club. 

He was a minor player in the club. Before taking up coaching in his career, he played as a midfielder.

He was assistant manager for Manchester City. His wife won the title of Miss Spain in 1999. Mikel is a sharp-minded person. 

He has learned seven languages. He can speak most of them fluently. He developed his communication skills over the years. 

Mikel was a friend of Xabi Alonso. They grew up playing with each other. His birthday is on 26 March.

He said that he always had a desire for coaching. He said that he always had a desire for coaching. 

When his first child was born, he was severely injured. He went to the same hospital where his wife was admitted and had his physiotherapy beside her bed. 

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