Daniel Hamm

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Daniel Hamm

Daniel Hamm is the father of an actor and producer Jon Hamm.

He was a manager of the family trucking company.

Married to Deborah Hamm

Daniel was married to Deborah Hamm in late 1960s. She was a secretary of company. 

The couple has a son together. His name is Jonathan Daniel Hamm.

He has two daughters from his previous marriage. The names of his daughters are Jenifer Hinze and Julie Schulte.

The couple married life didn't long last. They got a divorce when their only son was only two years old. 

Afterward, Deborah took his son with her. Daniel used to meet with his son on the weekend only.

Daniel Hamm ex-wife Deborah Hamm and son Jon Hamm
Daniel Hamm ex-wife Deborah Hamm and son Jon Hamm  Source: Pinterest

About Son Jon Hamm 

He was born as the Hamm family's only son on March 10, 1971, in Missouri, United States.

Daniel Hamm with son Jon Hamm
Daniel Hamm with son Jon Hamm  Source: YouTube 

He began his acting career at a very young age. He got his first role when he was in his first grade. 

When he was 16, he played the role of Judas in the play God Spell

In his teenage years, he was interested in football, baseball like other normal boys are interested. He had not that much interest in acting. 

His grandfather told him acting was not a job. It was only supposed to do it at school or on the weekend.

He graduated in 1993. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, he spent some of his time teaching acting at his high school.

Then he started his acting career in minor roles. His minor roles lead him to television series. He soon began playing roles in comedy films and also did minor voice roles.

He got his international stardom in 2007.

He is not married yet. He was in a relationship with Jenifer Westfeldt, actress and screenwriter. 

They began dating in 1997. They were in a very committed relationship. 

They separated in 2015. They were together for almost eighteen years

Their separation reason was Jon's heavy consumption habit of alcohol, but the couple never revealed their reason for separation. 

Jon Hamm with his eighteen-year long partner Jennifer Westfield
Jon Hamm with his eighteen-year long partner Jennifer Westfield   Source: YouTube

Struggling from depression 

Daniel’s son Jon gave an interview to Graham Bensinger in his show where he recalled his childhood. He remembered his mom, who did everything to see her child Jon achieve everything. 

His mom was very focused on him and his future. Jon’s mom passed away when she was just 35 years old, which was too early as she struggled with cancer. 

When Jon’s mother passed away he was just 10 years old and it was really hard for a ten years old to accept that fact that his mother is no longer with him. 

The death of his mother created a hard time in Jon and his father’s life. Jon said that it was really a tuff situation for him when he heard about his mother’s death. After some years of his mother’s death, Jon lost his dad, which made his life a nightmare. 

Although he has sisters, friends and other relatives, but they weren’t able to fulfill the emptiness that he had after losing his father and mother.

But he is thankful that he has some family and friends who helped him face the whole situation, and they kindly reminded him that he still needs to go long and achieve many things in his life. 

Those things said to Jon by his close ones made him realize that he needs to see a therapist to get over the pain he was suffering from inside. 

Seeking help from the therapist worked on him as the medicine prescribed to him changed his whole mindset. 

Because of this, he started feeling okay and found improvement as he managed to do each and every work properly in time. He felt that therapy brought his life on the proper track.

Death of his ex-wife

His ex-wife died in 1981 due to colon cancer. She had cancer from a long time. 

The cancer spread throughout her body, and it became incurable.

Her son was only ten at that time. Jon used to live with his mother after his parents divorce. 

After the death of his mother, he started living with his father and grandmother. 

To lost a mother at such a young age made Jon's childhood days hard.

His Death 

He died in the year 1991. The reason for his death is unknown. 

At that time, his son was 20 years old. After the death of his father, he became an orphan at a young age. He lost his mother ten years before his father death. 

Afterward, Jon had suffered a lot. It was such a hard time of his life.

Daniel Hamm son Jon Hamm
Daniel Hamm son Jon Hamm  Source: Instagram

Net Worth and Earnings 

Daniel's net worth and income sources are unknown. 

His son net worth and earnings source are structured below:

 Daniel Hamm Jon Hamm ( Son )
Net worth Unknown $40 million 
Income sourceUnknown Actor and a producer 

Age, Weight, and Height 

  1. He died in the year of January 1, 1991.
  2. His height and weight was unknown.
  3. He is American by nationality.

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