Daniella Liben – Shocking Claims About Adam Pally Wife

by Pragya Fri Mar 15 2024 Updated On Fri Mar 15 2024
Daniella Liben – Shocking Claims About Adam Pally Wife

Daniella Liben is the wife of American actor and comedian Adam Pally. She was born in the year 1981 to her parents Sindy and Barry Liben

Sadly, Daniella lost her dad, Barry, in 2020. She had owned a closet arrangement store business, Shelf Life, previously.

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Daniella married her teenage boyfriend? 

Daniella is happily married to Adam Pally. They have known each other since their high school days and started dating when they were just teenager. 

They dated for years and tied the knot in 2008 at Chelsea Piers, New York

They are now parents to three children, two sons named Cole and Drake and a daughter named Georgia Grace

Daniella Liben with her husband Adam Pally
Daniella Liben with her husband Adam Pally. Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth

Daniella is 42 years old. 

Her net worth is unknown. However, her actor husband Adam has a net worth of $600 thousand that he achieved from acting and comedy. 

Daniella is her husband's drinking partner?

One of the appearances in Conan O’Brien shows, her husband Adam said that Daniella is her drinking buddy. 

He told Daniella and he love drinking, and after getting totally hammered, they get into fights with other couples. 

Adam shared an incident where Daniella picked a fight with Rebecca Romijn

Adam and Daniella went to a New Year party in the Basement Theater. It was dirty, but they had a good time until Daniella got drunk. 

She saw Rebecca and her ex-husband there and went straight to her. She called Rebecca a loser, and that offended her, so they both started pushing each other. 

Adam was watching them fighting, but it looked really funny as Rebecca was 7’5 and Daniella was 5’1. 

Adam then stepped in and picked up Daniella, and got her out.

Parenthood changed Daniella

Daniella is a mom to three children now, and after she and Adam became parents, their lives have completely changed. 

Daniella and Adam drink more than they eat. 

She loves eating sushi, so every time she goes out on a date with Adam, they get sushi, but they eat very little and end up drinking more. 

They leave their baby with the babysitter, but as parents, they are always concerned, so they keep on contacting the baby sister to know if the children are asleep or not

Daniella and Adam have a kind daughter

Daniella and Adam have a daughter named Georgia. Adam talked about her and said that she is very kind and loves to take care of people. 

There was a time when Adam took her to the urgent care as Georgia had a fever, and there a guy checked Georgia in and then asked for a photo with Adam

Adam was alone and exhausted with his baby crying and his daughter’s fever, so he denied it. 

But later, after the checkup, her daughter talked to him, so he changed his mind and went to look for the guy. 

It was lunchtime, so the guy was in a restaurant, but her daughter made him go down to the restaurant and take a photo with that guy.

Adam feels having a baby was a mistake. 

Adam gave an interview on Conan O’Brien’s show where he confessed that having a baby was a big mistake. 

It was after he welcomed his first baby boy with Daniella, and he said that it was the happiest thing that happened to Daniella and him, although he finds it a horrible mistake too. 

After the baby came into their life, he and Daniella started fighting a lot, and they mostly whisper fight so that they don’t disturb the baby. 

In the beginning weeks, Adam did his best to cheer his baby boy, but the boy did nothing except give him long stares. 

He felt like he was at the Hollywood parties because his boy just kept looking here and there as if he was looking for more important people. 

He also suggested other people not to have a baby because it's extremely hard to look after the baby. 

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