Danielle Macdonald Parents Franca Macdonald And Bill Macdonald

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Danielle Macdonald Parents Franca Macdonald And Bill Macdonald

Danielle Macdonald is a professional actress. She is well known for her role in the series Patti Cake$ as Patricia "Patti" Dombrowski

Currently, she is playing the role of Helen in the thriller series The Tourist. She was born to her parents, Franca and Bill Macdonald, in 1991

Her parents have been together for almost four decades. She has a sister named Tania.

She is an Australian citizen by nationality. 

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Danielle Macdonald and her parents.
Danielle Macdonald and her parents. Source: Instagram

Married life of Danielle

Danielle is not married yet.

 Stunning Danielle Macdonald.
Stunning Danielle Macdonald. Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth

Danielle is 32 years old. She has the net worth $1.2 Million. Her source of income of income is acting. 

Danielle got speechless? 

Danielle talked about her first-ever encounter with Emma Watson in an interview. 

It was at the Golden Globe award where she saw Emma on the couch and got really freaked out. She has always been a big fan of Harry Potter and Emma

She couldn’t take her eyes off her, and when Emma saw her, she called out for Danielle to come over there. 

Emma appreciated Danielle for her role in Patti Cake$. She was so amazed to hear it from Emma that she couldn’t even speak. 

Then Emma and Natalie Portman took photos with her. It was a huge moment for Danielle but she was unable to speak the whole time.

Danielle’s scary experience at Hollywood

Danielle gave an interview on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, where she shared her first scary experience in Los Angeles

She moved to LA when she was just 18 years old and lived in Hollywood in her beginning days. 

It was her very first month in that place, so she was walking to her home, talking to her parents on Skype, and just a few minutes later, she heard some noise. 

She looked down from her apartment and saw two police cars and a helicopter over her head, focusing lights on two people. 

Suddenly, other cops came out, running from the bushes with guns. 

She was shocked and had no idea what was happening because just two minutes ago she was down on the same street and no one was there. 

Her parents were on a video call with her during the entire time. 

Even though her father told her to be calm and that it was okay, Danielle was pretty sure that they regretted sending her to LA alone.

Danielle also revealed that the same things happened over three times in her first month at Hollywood. 

Danielle gets asked stupid questions? 

Danielle is an immigrant from Australia, and as an immigrant, she gets asked a lot of questions from the Americans

In the interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she was asked if she threw lots of boomerangs when she was in Sydney, and he also asked about the most stupid question that Danielle was asked by a US native

Danielle opened up that she was asked about Australia’s climate by a person at Disneyland

It was June and summertime in the USA, so he asked her why it was cold out there in Australia

She wanted to clear him out, so she told him that the US and Australia have opposite seasons. 

However, the man asked her if it was December in Australia, thinking that months were the same as seasons. 

Danielle never expected to be in a rom-com? 

Danielle, in 2020, did her first Rom-Com movie titled Falling For Figaro

She had done many shows and played different characters, but being the lead actress in a Rom-Com was totally unexpected for her. 

She never saw herself as eligible to do a typical female lead in a rom-com, so it was surreal for her. 

She played the character of Millie Canteell, who happens to be an Opera singer in the movie. 

She had no talent for singing, so it was very hard for her to do the singing part. She had a vocal coach and met lots of real opera singers before doing the shots. 

Also, she had the amazing opportunity to work with great and talented actors, which was a big moment for her.

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