Who Is Danny Bilson? Father Of Rachel Bilson

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Who Is Danny Bilson? Father Of Rachel Bilson

Danny Bilson is the father of actress Rachel Bilson. He is a writer, director and producer. 

His parents are the late Mona and director Bruse Bilson.

He was married to Janice Stango, who is a certified therapist. 

They got married in 1980 and separated in 1990

Danny Bilson with his daughter, Rachel Bilson.
Danny Bilson with his daughter, Rachel Bilson. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Danny has been happily married to Heather Medway since 1997. Heather is an actress and producer.

They are parents to their two beautiful daughters, Hattie and Rosemary. 

Danny Bilson with his wife.
Danny Bilson with his wife. Source: Pinterest


Danny is 67 years old.

Net worth

His net worth is estimated to be $125 million

He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a writer, director, and producer.

Danny Talked About Creeper In The Movie 'The Pearl of Death'

Danny shared that he and his writing partner Paul spent years sharpening and developing a TV series based on Monster

He said they liked the idea of Creeper so much that they decided to recreate it. 

He said for that, he had to go back and do some research. He added in that movie, the Creeper was all in shadow and was a big threat of violence. 

He mentioned people could see his physique, how he fell in love with a girl, and how vulnerable he was with the wrong guy she worked with. 

He said the movie was about a monster with a heart and vulnerability. 

He shared that at the end of the movie, Rondo, who played the character of Creeper, did not wear any makeup. 

He added that though Rondo was the monster man for people back then, he was attractive. 

Danny Talked About Making Rocketeer

Danny and Paul decided to make a movie from the comic book Rocketeer, which Dave Stevens wrote. 

He shared they first met with Dave and pitched about developing the comic book into a movie. 

He said they had no money with them at that time, but they were working for a movie company called Empire, where they were making little movies. 

He revealed they wanted to add their version to the movie and told him they wanted to put Creeper in it. 

Dave loved their idea because he also loved Creeper

He said Dave wholly believed in their vision, and all the art was made in Danny's office. 

He said in that movie, they had to change the character name from Creeper to Lothar as Disney was very legal about everything. 

He said they rewrote the Creeper character from The Pearl of Death, making it a little cooler.

Danny Is Chairman of the Interactive Media And Games Division

Danny loves making video games. 

He said that he loves the pure interest that the game students have in learning to develop games and express their creativity. 

He mentioned when he was an executive at the game company, he used to teach game students at night. 

He said he loved returning, teaching students, and feeling the love for games that refreshed him. 

He is a professor at the Southern University

Danny On Working With Tomonobu Itagaki

Danny worked with Tomonobu in a video game called Devil's Third. Itagaki is a video game designer. 

He said that a talent agent called CAA Los Angeles got him and his team to meet Itagaki

He mentioned after having a conversation for just ten minutes, they wanted to work with each other. 

He said before they left, he said yes to the game. 

He revealed they all played multiplayer and had a great time and fun with each other. 

He said he was clear that it was going to be fun working with him from the beginning. 

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