Who Is Danny Dorosh? Husband Of Pascale Hutton

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Who Is Danny Dorosh? Husband Of Pascale Hutton

Danny Dorosh is the husband of actress Pascale Hutton. Danny was also an actor but took retirement from his acting career within a very short period. 

He is a police officer now. He was born in Vancouver, British Colombia

Married Life

Danny is happily married to Pascale

Danny met his wife when she was just 19, and Danny told her he would marry her no matter what in the future. 

When they met for the first time, Pascale was taken aback to hear that. 

They got married in 2002, and they have been together ever since. They share two kids.

Danny Dorosh's wife, Pascale Hutton.
Danny Dorosh's wife, Pascale Hutton. Source: Instagram


Pascale is 44 years old. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She weighs around 57 kg.

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $5 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an actress.

Pascale Talked About Spending Time During Pandemic

Pascale said that she has become habitual about living during a pandemic. 

She added she started homeschooling her two kids and said it was a challenging thing to do. 

She added she spent most of her time with her kids as her husband, a police officer, used to be at work even during the pandemic. 

She felt lucky that she had time to spend with her family. 

She added she was happy that she got to invest her time and give her children full attention. 

She said they try to connect and make their home peaceful, calm, and joyful when they are all together. 

She shared that she worked out a lot during the pandemic as one of her close friends who used to train her started Zoom workouts, and she joined her virtual workouts. 

Hutton Talked About Her Character Being Pregnant

Hutton plays the role of Rosemary in the television drama series When Calls The Heart

On the 10th episode of season 10, Rosemary was expecting a baby. Pascale said that she was happy with how the story of the show was going. 

She said there was a lot of speculation during so many seasons, and they were trying hard to keep that a secret from their fans. 

She said it was hard for them to incorporate her character getting pregnant suddenly after so many seasons. 

She said she was excited about how the story unfolded for Rosemary. 

She said she was happy the fans would keep the secret with Rosemary until her character's husband, Leland, discovers her pregnancy. 

She said the audience will get a chance to see Rosemary going through many emotions. 

Hutton Reacted To Ending Episode Of When Calls The Heart Season 7

When Hutton was asked about her thoughts on the ending of season seven, she candidly replied that she was not on the scene, so she didn’t read the script. 

However, she watched the ending. She shared that the ending episode went through many changes before they got to what would happen at the end. 

She said the scene when Elizabeth came out and looked at Lucas with relief and then hugged Nathan captured the entire theme of the season. 

She said the ending scene summarized the whole season as a whole. She said the scene was so pure and beautiful. 

She wanted to know whether the audience was Team Nathan or Team Lucas. 

She said when she was shooting and reading the show's script, she had an idea about who Elizabeth would end up with, but when she watched the show, she found herself in a different direction. 

She added the ending part, which left her completely undecided. 

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