Daria Rose Wilson- Tragedy Of Brian Wilson Daughter

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Daria Rose Wilson- Tragedy Of Brian Wilson Daughter

Daria Rose Wilson is the daughter of Brian Wilson, an American musician, singer, and songwriter. Her mom is the late Melinda Wilson.

Adopted Child Of Brian And Melinda 

Daria was born on November 10, 1996. She is one of Brian's adopted children, along with siblings Delanie Rae, Dylan Dash, and Dakota Rose. 

Brian met Melinda at a car dealership in 1986. 

Their relationship faced challenges, which included interference from Wilson's psychiatrist, Eugene Landy.

But they got married in 1995. Melinda has been Brian's manager since 1999.

The couple adopted five children, including Daria Rose, and they are known for their unique relationship. 

Daria has supported her father at various events, including the Brian Presentation 2008 and the Kennedy Center Honor Ceremony 2007. 

Parents of Daria Rose Wilson.
Parents of Daria Rose Wilson. Source: Instagram

Death Of Mother

Brian's wife, Melinda, has passed away at the age of 77. Brian shared the sad news on Instagram, expressing his heartbreak over the loss of his wife of 28 years.

He talked about Melinda as more than just a wife. He compared her to a sailor who provided him with emotional support and encouragement throughout their marriage.

Melinda was a former model and talent manager. She also served as Brian's manager.  

The couple adopted five children together. The kids appreciated Melinda’s strength, calling her an empowering force of nature who positively influenced those around her. 

The cause of her death has not been disclosed.

Daria Rose Wilson's mom, Melinda Wilson.
Daria Rose Wilson's mom, Melinda Wilson. Source: Pinterest


Daria Rose was born on November 10, 1996. She is 27 years old in 2024.

Net Worth

As an American musician, singer, and songwriter, Daria Rose's Melinda's father Brian's net worth is $100 million.

Brian Shared An Experience On His Beach Boy Album

Brian was working on a Beach Boy album recording in the studio with most of the songs completed.  

The musicians involved include Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson, and others. 

Brian's goal was to finish the album by late September, focusing on classic Beach Boys harmonies. 

He also talked about his nervousness performing in big stadiums and the challenges of bringing expensive equipment back from Holland. 

Inspired by Randy Newman, he wrote Fairy Tale. During a challenging period with drug use, especially cocaine, he regrets it and seeks therapy and rehab supported by family and friends. 

Returning to the studio, he is grateful for the success and Google to continue making people happy. 

Brian recognizes his impact on rock music and feels a responsibility to keep creating. 

Unfortunately, he doesn't detail Pet Sounds' techniques for percussive sounds.

Brian discussed the unique techniques used to create The Beach Boys Pet Sounds. 

He mentioned combining instruments like pianos and guitars to produce a fresh sound inspired by Phil Spector's innovative methods of layering sounds and electronically creating new instruments. 

Brian values the significance of voices, using multiple voices for a soothing effect. 

Brian On BBC News 

Brian talked to BBC News about his career and the impact of his music. 

He wanted people to see the real him, not just the myths. He understands the challenges he faces, especially with his mental health. 

When working on a documentary, he showed honesty. Brian is proud of the Beach Boys' musical achievements, feeling unmatched. 

Despite difficulties, he is optimistic about future performances with the band. His favorite song is Company Girl for its perfect pop melodies. 

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