Who Is Darlene Slaton? Mother Of Tammy Slaton

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Who Is Darlene Slaton? Mother Of Tammy Slaton

Darlene Slaton is the mother of  YouTuber Tammy Slaton. Her daughter Tammy is well known for her appearance in TLC show 1000 - LB Sisters.

She was born in the year 1960. She is an American citizen. She belongs to the White ethnicity.

Marriage And Children

Darlene is currently unmarried but has been married two times previously. 

She didn't reveal the name of her first husband but shared five children named Amy, Tammy, Amanda, Mistry, and Chris with her ex-husband. 

Her first marriage didn't work out, so she got divorced. 

Her second marriage was with a man named Robert Franklin, but their marriage was too short as in 2021, Robert died. 

They got married in 2013 and were parents to two children, Crystal and Wayne.

Darlene Slaton with her late husband, Robert Franklin.
Darlene Slaton with her late husband, Robert Franklin. Source: Soap Dirt

Age And Net Worth 

Darlene is 61 years old. Her net worth is unknown. However, her daughter Tammy has a net worth of $1 Million

Her source of income is YouTube. 

Darlene Didn't Attend Her Daughter's Wedding

Darlene has five children from her first marriage. 

Darlene gained prominence because of her daughters Amy and Tammy, who are known for showing their appearances on the TLC show

Darlene and her former husband had also shown up in one season of the show; at that time, they didn't support their daughter’s weight loss decision. 

Darlene and her former husband didn't even show up at their daughter Amy's wedding. 

Before the wedding, Amy tried to make things okay with Darlene and even asked Darlene to go with her for her wedding dress selection, but Darlene didn't. 

Her daughter Amy even requested Darlene to walk her down the aisle at her wedding, but she said no to that. 

Darlene and her former husband didn't even attend Amy's wedding. 

Darlene Slaton's daughter, Tammy Slaton.
Darlene Slaton's daughter, Tammy Slaton. Source: Instagram

Is Darlene A Bad Mother?

Darlene has not been there for most of her children’s childhood. 

She was always busy with her multiple works to earn money, whereas her mother took care of her children. 

So they were not close to each other. Not just was Darlene not close to her children, but she was also insulting toward them. 

She didn't even join the vowing ceremony of her daughter. She also was totally against the diet plan of her daughters. 

She said that they failed in their weight loss journey.

Did Tammy Prove Darlene Wrong?

Tammy set a journey to lose weight by doing Bariatric surgery

Although many people doubted her, she was dedicated to her decision, including her mother, Darlene

But Tammy was sure about what she wanted. But the problem was she was even overweighed to perform the surgery. 

She went to rehab, where she weighed 717 pounds. It was her highest weight to date. 

But she needed to get herself to at least 550 pounds for surgery to get approved and possible.  

So she went to rehab and started to train under professionals. 

Many people thought she would give herself up, but she proved everyone wrong by decreasing her weight to 530 pounds. 

She proved her mother, Darlene, wrong as well. She is now ready for surgery and to make her dream a reality.

Tammy Doesn’t Go Out

Tammy is known for appearing in TLC show 1000 - LB Sisters

In one of the seasons, her sister Amy talked about Tammy and said that Tammy didn’t go out of the house for six years. 

The only time Tammy used to leave the house was when she had to go for a check-up. 

Her sister Amy insisted Tammy go to their mother’s house so that they could talk about their weight loss surgery. 

Tammy was overweight so she couldn’t fit in an average car. She had to sit on the floor of their minivan. 

Tammy had been in the house for many years because she was scared of getting a heart attack. 

According to her, walking stresses her out, and she feels she might get a heart attack, so she avoids getting out. 

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