Who Is Darrell Bishop? Father Of Jamie Foxx

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Who Is Darrell Bishop? Father Of Jamie Foxx

Darrell Bishop is the father of an American actor, comedian, and singer Jamie Foxx.

He was a stockbroker professionally. He changed his name to Shahid Abdula. He is an American citizen by nationality and follows Islam.

Marriage And Children

Darrell was married to his wife, Louise Annette Talley Dixon. They were married for a long time but later ended up getting divorced. 

They shared a son named Jamie Fox, and both abandoned him due to their financial crisis. His other kids are Deondra Dixon and Deidra Dixon.

His son was adopted by his ex-wife Louise's parents when he was seven months old.

Darrell lives with his ex-wife in the same house with their son Jamie.

Darrell Bishop's ex-wife and their son.
Darrell Bishop's ex-wife and their son. Source: Instagram

About Darrell's Son Jamie 

Jamie is a professional actor, comedian, and singer. He is well known for his role as Ray in the 2002 movie Ray Charles.

His birth name is Eric Marlon Bishop. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Darrell Bishop with his son Jamie Foxx.
Darrell Bishop with his son Jamie Foxx. Source: Dicy Trends

Jamie's Married Life 

Jamie is not married yet, nor is he currently dating anyone.

But he did have many relationships in his past and is the father of two daughters. 

Jamie shares a daughter named Corinne with his ex-partner Connie Kline. They dated back in the 90s but later ended up in separation. 

His second daughter, Anelise, was born in 2008 when he was in a relationship with Kristin Grannis.

They were in an on/off relationship for too long but later ended it for their own sake. 

After that, Jamie dated Katie Holmes. He dated Katie for six years but ended up breaking up in 2019.

After his breakup with Katie, Jamie has been linked with many women, but he never publicly talked about any of those relationships.

Age And Net Worth 

His son Jamie is 55 years old. He has a net worth of $170 Million.

Jamie’s Daughter Didn't Like Him?

Jamie has two daughters from his two different partners. His eldest daughter Corinne was born in 1994, and since her birth, Jamie has tried his best to be a good father. 

He provided her with everything and loved her too much, and despite that, his daughter Corinne ended up disliking him.

Jamie was an overprotective dad, and he always tried to protect Corinne. 

He tried to give her the best life financially and took her to great places.  

However, Corinne was not happy with those things. She wanted Jamie's presence in her life, but Jamie was busy with his work schedule. 

Jamie's relationship started getting nasty with Corinne, and there was a time when both of them even went to therapy. 

On the therapy, his daughter told him to his face that she didn't like him.

What Happened To Jamie?

In April 2023, Jamie was admitted to Georgia Hospital for a very long time. 

Jamie had a medical emergency while he was shooting for his new movie, Black in Action.

His condition was severe, and because of that, he was taken to the hospital immediately. 

Jamie's daughter opened up about his set incident through her Instagram, but what happened to him and the reason behind his hospitalization is still unrevealed.

After Jamie's hospitalization, news came out about him having a stroke and being paralyzed all over the internet.

However, those were all fake, and the exact reason has not been revealed yet. 

Jamie and his family wanted to keep it private. He did recover and got discharged from the hospital.

Jamie Treats His Children Like Adults

Jamie gave an interview on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show where he talked about his book Act Like You Got Some Sense.

He wrote that book inspired by his grandmom as she used to tell him to act like he got some sense wherever she took him and he used that to raise his daughters. 

In the book, he mentioned that he had always treated his daughters like adults and not kids, since they were small. 

As a father, he feels that a father should have open conversations with his daughter, mainly about dating things. 

As a boy or man himself, he knows what and how a guy could be, so he just wanted to make his daughters clear about it with proper conversation.

Jamie Didn't Care About His Life

Jamie is a well-known actor and comedian for his heroic performance on screen. 

But what made him a real hero outside the screen was his generous act of saving someone's life. 

In 2016, Jamie saved a truck driver's life. The truck driver, Brett Kyle, was driving under influence, which got his truck crash. 

It happened outside Jamie's house, and when he heard the crash, he immediately came out and saw the truck was burning.

Jamie had a quick instinct and went straight off to save the driver's life without thinking about himself.

He managed to save the driver from dying. The truck driver later visited Jamie and especially thanked him for saving his son's life.

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