Who Is Darryl Twain? Brother Of Shania Twain

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Who Is Darryl Twain? Brother Of Shania Twain

Darryl Twain is the brother of Canadian singer, songwriter, actress, and TV personality Shania Twain

Darryl is an Electrician professionally. He has three siblings. He is a Canadian citizen.

Darryl Twain with his siblings.
Darryl Twain with his siblings. Source: Pinterest

Darryl And Shania's Relationship

Darryl and Shania are not biological siblings. They became siblings after Darryl's uncle married Shania's mother.

Darryl's uncle Jerry Twain adopted Darryl after his mother died. Jerry married Shania's mother and adopted Shania and her sister, making them all siblings. 

About Darryl's Sister Shania 

Shania is a singer, songwriter, and actress. She is well known for being one of the best female artists in country music history. 

Her birth name is Eilleen Regina "Shania" Twain, but professionally, she is known by the name Shania Twain. 

She was born in 1965 to her biological parents, Sharon Morrison and Clarence Edwards

Shania was raised by her mom and stepdad, Jerry Twain, with her siblings.  

Married Life Of Shania 

Shania is married to her husband, Frederic Thiebaud. They started dating back in 2009. They have been married since 2011. 

Shania and Frederic started their relationship as friends. They started getting close because of their marriage with their former partners. 

They both got cheated by their ex-partners. As they were in the same situation, they became comfortable with each other, their closeness increased, and they fell in love. 

Shania Twain with her current husband.
Shania Twain with her current husband. Source: Instagram

Shania's First Marriage

Shania's first marriage was with Robert John Mutt Lange. They met each other for the first time in 1993, and shortly after the meeting, they tied the knot. 

Shania ended her marriage with her ex-husband in 2009. Her husband was the one who wanted to divorce her. Shania shares a son with Robert. 

Shania Got Cheated

Shania was married to her ex-husband Robert for more than a decade. Their marriage was going well, but Shania slowly started seeing changes in her relationship. 

She tried to make things up with Robert, but nothing worked. In 2008 Robert asked for a divorce, and Shania had no idea what she would do. 

The next day, after her ex asked for a divorce, she found out that her ex-husband was having an affair with her best friend, Mary Ann

She wanted Mary to confess her affair with Robert, so she called her, but she lied to her face. 

Shania later married Mary’s ex-husband Frederic and shocked everyone. 

Age And Net Worth 

His sister Shania is 57 years old. She has a net worth of $400 Million

Darryl Was Arrested For Drug Trafficking

Darryl’s sister Shania revealed in her biography that his brother Darryl was into drugs at a young age. 

Darryl was arrested in 2004 because of his illegal act. He was found with a drug named cocaine, for which he was charged with the trafficking of the drug. 

It took him till 2005 to clear his charges. He was found clear of the drug trafficking charge. 

After the judge dismissed his case, it was the only time he had ever come to the media as he stays out of the press all the time. 

His sister also doesn’t include his name or anything about him in her interviews.

People Own Shania's Song

Shania revealed in an interview that every song that she wrote or wrote has a personal connection to her.

When she writes any song, she thinks that the song belongs to her. She feels that it is her song. 

But after she records and releases the song, the songs are owned by people. People relate to the themes and make the song their own story. 

She also revealed that each song is like a book that reflects many sensual things. 

She also revealed that she likes to do live shows. In live performances, she sees people relating to the song and making it their own. 

It makes her happy that people think that those songs are made for them to describe their life stories.

Shania Is A Daydreamer

Shania revealed in an interview with The Morning that she is a daydreamer. 

She expressed that she dreams at any moment at any place. It was one of the reasons that her songs have great dreams and significant meaning. 

She also talked about her dream in London that might never come true. 

Shania said she dreams of being a neighbor to a horse Stable in Hyde Park

She said that dreaming was free and there was no limit to the dream. 

So her plan might be hypothetical, but she wants to wake up and ride with the horse daily. 

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