Darvin Ham Jr. – Tragedy Of Darvin Ham Son

by Pragya Sat Apr 27 2024 Updated On Sat Apr 27 2024
Darvin Ham Jr. – Tragedy Of Darvin Ham Son

Darvin Ham Jr. is the son of a professional basketball coach and former NBA player, Darvin Ham. 

Darvin Jr. himself played for Northwood University and was an assistant coach at Northwood for four years. 

His mother’s name is Deneitra Ham. He has two siblings. He is an American citizen by nationality. 

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Married life of Darvin Jr’s parents 

Darvin Jr’s dad, Darvin, and his mom, Deneitra, met each other when they were very young. 

They both went to the same University, and shortly after knowing each other, they started dating. 

They tied the knot in 1998 and are parents to three children. They have three sons, Darvin, Donovan, and Dominic

Violence between parents 

Darvin Jr’s dad, Darwin, and mom, Deneitra, have been married for a long time. 

Their married life has been full of ups and downs, and both his parents have been arrested for physically assaulting each other. 

In 2001, his dad, Darvin, was arrested for domestic violence, but no serious action was taken against him as his mom didn’t press any charges. 

After that, in 2005, his mom hit his dad with a liquor bottle in front of the public. 

His dad was bleeding, but despite the injury, his dad didn’t file a case against his mom. 

She was then sent to take an anger management class and 30 hours of community service for assaulting her man. 

Age and Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Darvin Jr is unknown. 

His dad, Darvin, is currently 50 years old. He has a net worth of $5 Million. His source of income is basketball. 

His father, Darvin, got shot? 

Darvin shared his life’s most terrifying moment in an interview. He opened up that he was shot in the head and face at the young age of 14. 

He grew up in Saginaw and growing up, he had seen so much violence in that area. He recalled the day when he got shot. 

On April 14, 1988, everyone was on the streets for the 20th death anniversary of King Martin Luther. 

His mom had sent him and his brother to get pizza, and on the way back home, Darvin and his brother stopped to get soda. 

He was just a block away from his house when he heard a gunshot. He turned towards the shooting, and that’s when he got shot. 

He was immediately rushed to hospital and was there for 11 days. It was a very traumatic event in Darvin’s life that will stay with him forever.

Darvin Ham Jr. father Darvin Ham posing with a basketball
Darvin Ham Jr. father Darvin Ham posing with a basketball. Source: Instagram

Darvin, on the recent game 

Darvin is currently the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. 

His team recently played a match against the Denver Nuggets, which they ended up losing, and that has made the Lakers fans furious. 

His team lost with 105 scores against Nuggest’s, scoring 112. He talked about the gameplay after the match and said that it was a tough game. 

He showed his disappointment but also said that he and his team had to move on from the loss and should start focusing on the upcoming game plays. 

He also talked about where the players missed, but he didn’t want to get caught up in the same thing for a long time. 

He is trying his best to be positive and focused so that they can do better in the other matches. 

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