Who Is Dave Mallard? Father Of Felix Mallard

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Dave Mallard is the father of famous Australian actor Felix Mallard. Dave is a businessman. 

Marriage And Children

Dave is married to Jane Mallard. They have two children together, Felix Mallard and Tiana Mallard.

They grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Dave was a drummer in his younger days. 

His wife Jane was a music teacher. Dave introduced his son to music when he was young. 

Felix started playing guitar and drums when he was just seven years old

And he also performed in a few bands before he got into acting. 

Out of Dave’s two children, Felix is the most famous one in the family. 

He struggled hard for his career and is now a successful actor. 

Apart from acting and music, he is also interested in fashion. He has done modeling work for some fashion brands. 

He has been in campaigns for famous brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and H&M

There is no information about his sister Tiana Mallard. 

Dave Mallard's son, Felix Mallard.
Dave Mallard's son, Felix Mallard. Source: Instagram


Dave might be in his early 50s. His son Felix is 24 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

Dave's son Felix's net worth is about $1 Million.

Harry Styles Chose Felix To Play Harry Styles

Harry Styles is a famous British singer. He is popular all over the world. 

Harry has a sitcom about his life. So he called Felix personally to play the role of Harry Styles in his sitcom. 

Felix said all of a sudden, the phone rang, and it was an unknown number and heard, “Hi, this is Harry, we liked your stuff and hope you come on board.” 

Fans Say Felix Resembles Harry

Felix said the character was not a carbon copy of Harry Styles or a biopic of him. 

It was inspired by Harry Styles, his character Cooper on the show. And also, when Harry called him, he freaked out, and it was good to talk with him. 

And in an interview with James Corden, he described his character Copper by saying he is an international superstar who just had a breakup and needs to escape that like. 

And being Australian, he has to talk in American accents a lot which is not hard for him, he added. 

Felix On Ginny And Georgia

Felix got huge recognition from the Netflix show named Ginny and Georgia.

In an interview, he discussed his character Marcus' illness. He is very connected with his character. 

It was emotional for him in the breakup scene with his character and lead character Ginny.

He wants the audience to know and understand his character and his illness which is Depression. 

He said that everyone goes through something in their life. And it was no different for his character Marcus

He was honored when he heard that his character would have a bit of a deeper storyline. 

He wants to show young men that it is okay to struggle with depression and it is okay to work through their emotions. Men don't always have to be perfect and strong. 

However, he will be happy if the audience understands his character and takes a lesson, and the most crucial scene between Ginny and Georgia for him was their breakup scene. 

He got emotional, and he didn’t need to act. It was all how he felt for his character, and he was so into it. 

And seeing two people who love each other can’t be with each other because of Marcus' depression is saddening. 

He is grateful for what he has to offer in the Ginny and Georgia show.

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