Who Is David Alpay Partner And Parents?

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Who Is David Alpay Partner And Parents?

David Alpay is a Canadian actor, musician, and producer. He is well known for his role play in the Red Room series as Alex Terzian

He was born in the year 1980 in Toronto, Canada. He has his birthday on October 6

David Alpay with his parents.
David Alpay with his parents. Source: Getty Images

Relationship Status

David is not married yet, so he doesn't have a wife and he is not dating currently. Instead, the actor prefers to keep his personal life low-key. 

However, he has been rumored to be dating actress Rachel Boston

They played together back in 2015 in the movie Ice Sculpture Christmas, and because of their on-screen chemistry, they were rumored to be dating in real life. 

David with his rumored girlfriend.
David with his rumored girlfriend. Source: Facebook

Also, checking David's social media, he has shared pictures with actress Sara Canning, and they seem very close. 

But it's unclear if they are dating or only good friends. 

Age And Net Worth 

David is 42 years old. He has a net worth of $19 Million.

David Was A Science Student

David is known for his character plays in many well-known series and movies. 

He started acting when he was young. It was not something that he thought of doing. 

Acting never struck his mind until he acted in a play at his University

He was a science student pursuing his career in computer science at one of the universities in Toronto

According to him, one of his colleagues from science wrote a play for the play festival, and he considered participating in it and went for an audition. 

He liked it, and then he started acting in plays every year in college, and he started liking theater plays. 

He then started working on shows and movies. That's how David began his acting career.

Versatile Actor

In 2008, David showed his appearance in The Tudors, a historical drama series. 

He played the character of Mark Smeaton, and his character in that series was short-lived, as he was only there for nine episodes

Although he got to be part of that series for short, he revealed that he had a great experience working on it. 

Playing Mark's character was a new experience and quite challenging for him because Mark's character was totally different from how he is. 

He went to Dublin, Ireland, for the series shoot, and working with new people with different accents in a new country was a  unique and fantastic experience for him. 

Working in Tudor and playing Mark has become his favorite work encounter as the series and character pushed him to leave his comfort zone and do something completely new. 

Also, he enjoyed and loved talking about that series.

David Relived His Past

David gave an interview to The Gate, where he talked about his series The Lottery

He played the character of Dr. James Lynch, who works in human genesis biology. 

David revealed that he got to relive his past days while playing that series as he was a science student in his high school day. 

He never expected to do things that he did in the past. 

He had worked for sick kids in a genetics locker while studying human biology, which also helped him play the role. 

He was known for the equipment, and while other actors needed help operating equipment, he could stay there and teach other people how the equipment worked.

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