Who Is David Butler? Father Of Austin Butler

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Who Is David Butler? Father Of Austin Butler

David Butler is the father of the American actor Austin Butler. David is a businessman. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Married Life Of David 

David was married to Lori Ann Howell. They shared two children, a son named Austin and a daughter named Ashley

Their marriage didn't last long, as they divorced when their youngest son, Austin, was only seven.

David's son and daughter chose an acting career; now, his son is a great actor, and his daughter is an actress

David and his former wife came to the spotlight because of their children. 

His ex-wife, Lori, passed away in 2014 due to cancer.

Family of David Butler.
Family of David Butler. Source: People

About David's Son Austin 

Austin is an actor well known for his role play as Elvis Presley in the musical biopic Elvis

He started his career by doing sitcoms and then started getting the lead roles. He was born in 1991 and has his birthday on August 17

He grew up with his sister Ashley. He is an American citizen by his nationality.

David Butler and his son, Austin Butler.
David Butler and his son, Austin Butler. Source: Twitter

Married Life Of Austin

Austin is not married yet, but he does have a girlfriend named Kaia Gerber. They started dating in 2021

They kept their relationship private for some time and later made it public. 

As of 2023, they have completed three years as a couple and are very happy together. 

Austin Butler and his girlfriend.
Austin Butler and his girlfriend. Source: Yahoo

Who Has Austin Dated? 

Before Kaia, Austin was in a relationship with Vanessa Hudgens. They started dating back in 2011 and had a nine-year-long relationship. 

They broke up in 2020, and the reason behind their break up was their inability to make time for each other.

Age And Net Worth 

Austin is 32 years old. He has a net worth of $4 Million. His source of income is acting.

Austin Grind Himself To Be Elvis

Austin is well known for his performance in the musical biopic Elvis. He role-played Elvis, and he was earnest about his character. 

He wanted to get that role so badly that he pushed himself beyond just to fit in the character. 

He started preparing for the character months before the audition and even hired a movement, dialect, and singing coach. 

He was desperate to get the role, and when he sent his self-audition tape to the director, they thought he was collapsing. 

He changed his voice and even learned tape dancing to copy the physicality of Elvis himself.

Austin took Elvis to such an extent that he collapsed after the shooting of the biopic, which also affected his voice.

Austin Lived His Mom's Dream

Austin's mom, Lori Ann Howell, passed away in 2014, battling cancer

Austin had a great relationship with his mom, who was always there for him. Because of that, her mom's death was too brutal on him. 

After Austin's mom's death, he felt like his whole world had changed. His mom sacrificed so much for him. 

Austin recalled his mom's memory and shared that his move left her job so that she could drive Austin to his acting classes. 

She used to wait for him until his class was over. 

Austin's mom wanted to be an actor and is now a successful actor, which makes him so proud, and he feels he is living his and his mom's dream. 

He wished his mom could see him succeeding in life.

Austin Thought Of Quitting

Austin is a great actor, and his acting shows his talent. 

He always wanted to be an actor and has involved himself in theatre work since his young days. 

He didn't go to college but was in high school and acted in stage performances. 

He loved recreating scenes of the movie and made his mom laugh. 

He was 20 years old when he moved to New York, he fell in love with theatre. But there were times when he thought of quitting acting.

But he didn't have any other plans for his life except acting because he didn't go to college or have a job. So, he had to continue his acting journey.

Austin Lost His Real Voice

Austin's biopic Elvis was a great hit. He not only played the character Elvis but lived it. 

He gave everything to that role, and as he was so desperate to bring life to Elvis, he went through a lot of singing training and changed his voice for the character. 

However, even after he was done with playing that character, he couldn't get his old voice back. 

He didn't notice it, but people felt Austin sounded more like Elvis in real life, too. 

When Austin knew about people hearing the change in his voice, he started becoming self-conscious. 

He felt that Elvis's voice was still there in his voice, and he kind of felt because all the intense vocal training for the biopic affected his vocal cords.

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