Who is David Chesney? Father Of Kenny Chesney

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Who is David Chesney? Father Of Kenny Chesney

David Chesney is the father of singer-songwriter and guitarist Kenny Chesney. He was a teacher at an elementary school. 

He is married to Karen Chandler. They share two kids, Jennifer and Kenny, together. His wife is a hairstylist. 

Married Life

David was married to Renee Zellweger

They exchanged their wedding vows and became husband and wife in 2005. However, their marriage lasted only for four months. 

David Chesney's wife and their son.
David Chesney's wife and their son. Source: Pinterest

Is Kenny Dating Anyone?

Kenny is in a relationship with Mary Nolan. He is very private about his love life. 

They started dating each other back in 2012

David Chesney's son Kenny Chesney.
David Chesney's son Kenny Chesney. Source: Instagram


Kenny is 55 years old. He is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She weighs around 70 kg.

Net Worth

His son, Kenny's net worth is estimated at $180 million

David Chesney and his son, Kenny Chesney.
David Chesney and his son, Kenny Chesney. Source: Instagram

Kenny Explained What Chillaxification Meant

Kenny named his tour 2019 tour as Chillaxification

He said that many people have asked him about the meaning of it. 

He said that music has always been a medicine that helped him relieve his stress and whatever he put down. 

He described Chillaxification as a prescription to live your life for some time and forget about other things. 

He said he also follows that mantra. He said when performing on stage, he wants people to join him and enjoy with him. 

He said he wanted them to fully enjoy three to four hours of their lives with them. 

He said when the band and the audience connect through their music he shared he has not felt that kind of connection elsewhere.

Kenny Talked About The Inspiration Behind His Songs

Kenny shared that his family has always loved music, which has been a part of his life. 

He said any song, happy or sad, somehow reflects his family, friends, and how he walks through the world. 

He said he started writing songs about his life on Virgin Island

He started writing about his life on the boat and about his friends and people he met over time. 

He said those people's stories inspired him to write songs. 

Kenny Talked About How He Has Evolved Over The Years As An Artist

Kenny has been in the music industry for more than 15 years

He shared that when he was new to the business, he wanted to achieve all at once, like everyone else. 

He said he experienced a lot of ups and downs in his life, which made him realize how sensitive things are. 

He shared that he started appreciating things much more, significantly changing him. 

He said he had more gratitude than he had 15 years ago

He is grateful to the audience that has shown him love from the beginning of his career and to the people he has worked with. 

He said he is happy and satisfied that he gets a chance to get up every day and write songs.

Kenny About Collaborating With Ed Sheeran

Kenny worked with Ed Sheeran for his 18th album. 

He said he met Ed for the first time when they sat together in a room to write a song. 

He said he felt like he had known Ed for a long time when he met him. 

He added that they had the same stories and worked with the same people. 

He said many people have asked him to write songs with Ed over the years, and Ed was also told to write songs with Kenny. 

Finally, in 2018, they collaborated, and the result was terrific. 

He said Ed is a great writer, and it was fun to write songs with him.

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