Who Is David Leland Elliott? Son Of Dionne Warwick

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Who Is David Leland Elliott? Son Of Dionne Warwick

David Leland Elliott is an American singer, songwriter, and drummer. 

He is also the son of singer and actress Dionne Warwick. His father is William Elliot. 

He was born in East Orange, New Jersey. He has a younger brother.

Is David Married?

David is happily married to Luanna Elliot. The two tied the knot in 2011

They have been married for more than a decade. The two shares a beautiful daughter together.


David is 52 years old. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs around 85 kg.

Net worth

His net worth is estimated to be $100,000 to $500,000.

He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a singer, songwriter, and drummer.

Dionne Revealed What Nina Simone Said To Her At Apollo Theater

Dionne went to sing all by herself at Apollo, where she had a talk with Nina Simone, who was a legendary singer, songwriter, and pianist.

Dionne was just nineteen years old when she met her. 

Nina said that she looked nervous, which she really was at that time because she was going to perform. 

Nina motivated her and asked her to be confident and give such a performance on the stage that it would get hot and people have to tiptoe. 

She was blown away, and she took her advice, and it worked for her. 

Dionne Is The Queen Of Twitter

During the pandemic, Dionne went from queen of pop to queen of Twitter. 

She was putting her thoughts from oreo to Taylor Swift. She became a Twitter sensation. 

In an interview, when she was asked about how she turned out to be like that. She replied saying that she just says what she feels like saying. 

She said that it doesn’t matter to her what people think about her. 

She shared that when her mother was her age, she said what she wanted to say and do whatever she wanted, and she was following in her footsteps as she reached the same age as her mother told her about that. 

How Dionne And Sidney Poitier Met?

Dionne lost her close friend Sidney in 2021. In an interview, she revealed her first encounter with him. 

She admitted that she stalked him. She shared how she met him for the first time. 

She just got out of her recording studio, and a group came around the corner. 

In front of her, Sidney was walking. She was with her friends, but she left them and started following him. 

She stopped him. At that time, there were no shops on 54th street, and she acted like watching here and there when she bombed him. 

Sidney turned around him and asked her what she wanted. She went blank and crazy after meeting him personally. 

She couldn’t utter a word from her mouth. After a while, she said she asked for his autograph. 

She met him in 1964. A year later she again met him, and he didn’t call her by her name; he said Hi, little girl. Do you want my autograph? 

Dionne Recalled Meeting With Snoop Dogg And Tupac

Dionne was the critique of 90s rap. She was so bold and straight forward that she set up a meeting at her house with them. 

She called them to be at her house sharp 7 a.m. in the morning. She said that she wanted to talk about something serous with them. 

She wanted to address their lyrics and music. She said she was not disrespecting them. 

She cared about them; that's why she called them to her house and gave some spanking to them. 

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