David Leland Elliott- Dionne Warwick Son Married?

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David Leland Elliott- Dionne Warwick Son Married?

David Leland Elliott is an American singer, songwriter, and drummer. 

He is also the son of singer and actress Dionne Warwick. His father is William Elliot. 

He was born in East Orange, New Jersey. He has a younger brother.

Is David Married?

David is happily married to Luanna Elliot. The two tied the knot in 2011

They have been married for more than a decade. The two share a beautiful daughter together.

Dionne Warwick Nearly Got Arrested

Dionne gave an interview on Jennifer Hudson’s talk show where she talked about her name, documentary, and how she was about to get arrested. 

Dionne started the interview by talking about her family and opened up that she came from a singing family, a gospel-singing family. 

Coming from such a family, she started singing when she was only six years and by the time she became 16, she released her first solo song titled Jesus Love Me.  

When she released her first album, her name got misprinted, Instead of Wrick, they printed it as Wick, and she still feels very bad about that. 

After that, Dionne opened up about the incident when she nearly got arrested. She was on the tour for the show in South Carolina. She was with Sam Cooke on tour, and they parked outside the coliseum where there was a show. 

In front of that coliseum, there was a restaurant named Tyle House, so she walked there to get herself some sandwiches and coffee. She went and sat in the restaurant when suddenly one waitress came to her and told her not to sit over there. 

She asked her why and then told her to take her order. That waitress misbehaved with her and talked to her rudely. Donnie didn’t like the waitress’s tone, so she backfired her rudely and left the restaurant. 

She went on the bus, and after a few minutes, a policeman came over to their bus and asked about her and the waitress. Sam Cooke assured the policeman that there were no girls on the bus and that it was his private bus. That’s how Sam saved Donnie from getting arrested. 

Dionne Gave Away Her Music Royalties 

Dionne gave an interview on the Jennifer Hudson Show, where she talked about royalties, Twitter, and Pete Davidson

Dionne is a great singer and has released many hit songs. One of her hit songs is That's What Friends Are For. So in the interview, Dionne revealed that she gave the royalties of that song to the AIDS research team. 

She claimed that AIDS became a serious issue back in the 1970s when she released the song. 

Many people, including her, had absolutely no idea about AIDS, however, many people lost their lives because of AIDS, and Dionne's own friends suffered and died from it. 

People were trying their best to find out about AIDS, which needed lots of money, time, and patience for that reason, she was also willing to help from her side. 

At that time woman named Elizabeth Taylor approached her and asked if she could give that song to help with research. 

Within no time, Dionne agreed, and all the money earned from her song went to the research charity. She was glad that she got to help people with her talent. 

Dionne then talked about her obsession with Twitter. She posted weird and funny tweets and opened up that she enjoys doing that. 

In 2022 she tweeted that she would be dating Pete Davidson, and then she tweeted about Leo DiCaprio's 25-year-old rule and wrote that it was his loss. 

Dionne actually finds DiCaprio really very cute but never had a chance to date him. He never looked however, she calmed when DiCaprio laid his eyes on her granddaughter. 

Dionne Doesn’t See Beyonce As An Icon

Dionne is one of the greatest pop star artists. She is one the first female pop stars to have the most hits on the billboard.

She has been in a music career for a very long and in one interview with Essence.com, she shared her opinion saying that she doesn’t see Beyonce as an icon. 

Beyonce has been in the music line for more than a decade and is considered as greatest performer. 

She has many fan following and is considered an icon of this generation. 

However, Dionne has her own way of looking at this. Dionne wasn’t trying to throw any shades by saying that about Beyonce, and she personally admires and loves Beyonce and her work. 

She has seen her growth, and the impact Beyonce and her music made is admirable. 

Dionne feels that to be an icon, it needs lots of work over time. The music must be relevant for the decades, and then only one can be an icon. 

She has known many popular icons of her time, and she doesn’t feel that Beyonce can match their status. 

Dionne said that she doesn’t find the classic taste in this generation's music. 

She does feel proud and appreciates the young talents in the music industry, but the taste of classical isn’t found in music these days, that’s why she still prefers listening to old CDs.

Beyonce is still young, and Dionne respects her talents, but she doesn’t see her as an icon. 

Her statement definitely hurt and pissed the Beyonce fans and people who see her as an idol, but Dionne was just being honest about what she thinks.


David is 52 years old. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs around 85 kg.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $100,000 to $500,000.

He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a singer, songwriter, and drummer.

Dionne Revealed What Nina Simone Said To Her At Apollo Theater

Dionne went to sing all by herself at Apollo, where she had a talk with Nina Simone, who was a legendary singer, songwriter, and pianist.

Dionne was just nineteen years old when she met her. 

Nina said that she looked nervous, which she really was at that time because she was going to perform. 

Nina motivated her and asked her to be confident and give such a performance on the stage that it would get hot and people have to tiptoe. 

She was blown away, and she took her advice, and it worked for her. 

Dionne Is The Queen Of Twitter

During the pandemic, Dionne went from queen of pop to queen of Twitter.

She was putting her thoughts from Oreo to Taylor Swift. She became a Twitter sensation. 

In an interview, when she was asked about how she turned out to be like that. She replied, saying that she just says what she feels like saying. 

She said that it doesn’t matter to her what people think about her. 

She shared that when her mother was her age, she said what she wanted to say and do whatever she wanted, and she was following in her footsteps as she reached the same age as her mother told her about that. 

How Dionne And Sidney Poitier Met?

Dionne lost her close friend Sidney in 2021. In an interview, she revealed her first encounter with him. 

She admitted that she stalked him. She shared how she met him for the first time. 

She just got out of her recording studio, and a group came around the corner. 

In front of her, Sidney was walking. She was with her friends, but she left them and started following him. 

She stopped him. At that time, there were no shops on 54th Street, and she acted like she was watching here and there when she bombed him. 

Sidney turned around him and asked her what she wanted. She went blank and crazy after meeting him personally. 

She couldn’t utter a word from her mouth. After a while, she said she asked for his autograph. 

She met him in 1964. A year later, she again met him, and he didn’t call her by her name; he said Hi, little girl. Do you want my autograph? 

Dionne Recalled Meeting With Snoop Dogg And Tupac

Dionne was the critique of 90s rap. She was so bold and straightforward that she set up a meeting at her house with them. 

She called them to be at her house sharp at 7 a.m. in the morning. She said that she wanted to talk about something serious with them. 

She wanted to address their lyrics and music. She said she was not disrespecting them. 

She cared about them; that's why she called them to her house and gave some spanking to them. 

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