Who Is David Olsen? Father Of Ashley Olsen

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Who Is David Olsen? Father Of Ashley Olsen

David Olsen is the father of an American businesswoman, fashion designer, and former actress Ashley Olsen

David himself is a real estate developer and mortgage banker. He was born in the year 1953 in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. He is an American.

Married Life Of David 

David is married to his second wife, McKenzie Olsen. They got married to each other back in 1996

David's current wife, McKenzie, used to work as a secretary for David before getting married to each other. 

David's first's marriage was with Jarnette Olsen. They got married a long time back and shared four children.

They are parents to three daughters named Elizabeth and twins Mary-Kate and Ashley

Sadly their marriage ended in 1996 as they got divorced. Soon after that, David married his secretary. 

David and Jarnette's marriage didn't settle with divorce. The couple also fought over the custody of their children. That was a very tragic moment for David and his children.

David and his ex decided to separate their twin children as they decided to take one for each. But later, they settled down. 

Family of David Olsen.
Family of David Olsen. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

David is 69 years old. His net worth is unknown. 

David's daughter Ashley has a net worth of $250 Million.  

David Almost Ruined His Daughter’s Career

David revealed in one of the interviews that after the first season of the Full House series, David and his ex-wife decided that they would end the contract of their daughters from the series. 

They thought involving their daughters in the series would ruin their daughter's life. 

They thought that they would feel disrupted in their life. But eventually, they realized their daughters were really happy in the show and enjoyed playing their parts. 

So, David decided it was good for them to stay in the show for as long as they wanted. He and his ex-wife even became their manager. 

David Olsen's twin daughters.
David Olsen's twin daughters. Source: Instagram

David Called Their Daughters Chimpanzees

David has gotten himself in the limelight because of her daughters, Ashley and Mary-Kate, who are world-famous actresses. 

But at the beginning of their acting career, when they didn’t even sense anything, David couldn’t figure out why people adored her daughters. 

He revealed that her daughter looked close to chimpanzees. He said they looked funny when dressed, which might have been why people liked them.

David also assumed that his daughter had a photogenic face, which made them look good.

David Almost Lost His Home

David initially managed all the business of her daughters Ashley and Kate, but they eventually started differences. 

So, as soon as the sisters turned 18, they named the business in their name. The business was worth $100 Million

And giving away all the business to the twin was a huge blow for David and their family. 

The condition got so worst that David almost lost his home as well. Not just David but the twin even disowned their mother from the business as well. 

Kate felt bad for all these harsh decisions even though she didn’t have a great relationship with her parents.

Ashley Was Sexually Assaulted

A video got viral on media a few years ago where Full House’s Bob Saget was talking about having a sexual desire with the doll replaced in place of Kate-Mary and Ashley

The late comedian was just making fun and joking around with people over there when someone shot it. 

The video was posted in a quite misleading way in the media. But later, the doubts and the assault upon the late actor were cleared. 

Ashley and Kate also revealed that they were never treated unsafely, and they respected Bob as he was very nice to them and was like a senior figure.

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