Davide Frattesi Girlfriend And Parents

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Davide Frattesi Girlfriend And Parents

Davide Frattesi is a professional football player who plays as a midfielder. 

He currently plays for Serie A club Inter Milan on a loan from Sassuolo and the Italy national team

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Who is his girlfriend?

Davide Frattesi has been dating his beautiful girlfriend. 

In an interview, he revealed that he went on a ten-day holiday in Ibiza and a two-week holiday in Sardinia with his brothers and his girlfriend. 

He has not revealed his girlfriend's identity yet but on May 16, 2024, they attended the 29th FairPlay Gentleman Prize 2024 which was held in Milan, Italy together. 

Davide looked handsome in a navy blue suit with a turtleneck and his girlfriend looked stunning in a black dress with a black knee boot. 

Davide Frattesi with his girlfriend
Davide Frattesi with his girlfriend. Source: Twitter 
Davide Frattesi and his girlfriend attending the 29th FairPlay Gentleman Prize 2024
Davide Frattesi and his girlfriend attending the 29th FairPlay Gentleman Prize 2024. Source: Twitter


Davide Frattesi is 24 years old. He was born on September 22, 1999.

Who are his parents and siblings?

Davide was born in Rome, Italy to his parents, Sonia Galdo and Paolo Frattesi

His mother Sonia used to work as a secretary in a furniture shop and his father Paolo used to work at Gemmo

Davide Frattesi parents Sonia Galdo and Paolo Frattesi
Davide Frattesi parents Sonia Galdo and Paolo Frattesi. Source: Instagram

His mother is a gym enthusiast. Her Instagram is @sonia_galdo where she regularly posts her workout videos. 

In an interview, Davide described his father as a rational part of the family as he remains calm. 

Davide Frattesi with his mother
Davide Frattesi with his mother. Source: Instagram

When they heard that their son joined Inter Milan, they couldn’t contain their happiness and his mother hugged him but his father remained calm.

He is blessed with two siblings, a brother named Lucas Frattesi and a sister named Chiara Frattesi

Davide Frattesi with his siblings
Davide Frattesi with his siblings. Source: Instagram

Davide's family often posts their adorable family moments on social media. 

They often go on vacations, spending holidays such as New Year's and Christmas together. 

Davide is also close to his grandmother. It seems like he has lost his grandfather. 

On May 20, 2024, after winning a title, he posted a picture with his grandmother on his Instagram with the caption,

How much time has passed Grandpa... From Fidene to Milan... From Castel Giubileo to San Siro... The truth is that if a person always believes in it at all times, in the end, he will succeed. I want to thank all my family, my star, and all my friends for always being close to me... This is just the beginning.

Davide Frattesi with his grandmother
Davide Frattesi with his grandmother. Source: Instagram 
Davide Frattesi with his grandmother, parents and siblings
Davide Frattesi with his grandmother, parents and siblings. Source: Instagram

He blocked his sister?

His sister Chiara is currently dating Weston Mckennie, an American footballer. Weston plays for Serie A club Juventus and the United States national team

When Juventus won the Coppa Italia, his sister was spotted celebrating with her boyfriend Weston

When Davide was asked about his reaction to seeing his sister celebrate with a rival, he jokingly said he blocked her on all social media for four days. 

He said they make fun of each other and the fact that she is so open doesn’t bother him. 

He continued that everyone has their own life and one cannot put others under a glass jar. 

He wants his father to retire

In an interview, Davide revealed that he wants his father to retire. He said they were returning from Verona and were in the car. 

His father was driving and he was in the front seat. He looked at his father for about 20 seconds and told him if he wanted he could take care of him. 

He told his father that he could support him and said he could retire if he wanted. 

He then jokingly said his father was shocked hearing him and was about to take him off on the motorway. 

Davide then said his father loves his job as a director of the centre south of a street lighting company and he is just like him, always moving. 

So it is possible that Paolo will not take his offer and continue working.

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