Who Is Dean Henderson's Wife ? How Much Is His Net Worth ?

by Pragya Mon Aug 15 2022 Updated On Tue Aug 23 2022
Who Is Dean Henderson's Wife ? How Much Is His Net Worth ?

Dean Henderson is an English professional footballer. He currently plays as a goalkeeper for club Nottingham Forest. 

He was born in Whitehaven, United Kingdom. His parents raised him with his two siblings. 

He is an English citizen

Dean Henderson with his mother.
Dean Henderson with his mother. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Wife

Dean is a married man. The name of his wife is unknown to date.

The couple got engaged in 2021, and according to Dean, they had their wedding planned right after they got engaged. 

They tied the knot in a lavish married ceremony in Rome on 18 June 2022.

Dean shared a beautiful picture of their wedding on his Instagram account.

Dean Henderson with his wife, on their wedding day.
Dean Henderson with his wife, on their wedding day. Source: Instagram


Dean is 25 years old. His height is 1.88 m.

Net worth 

The net worth of Dean is $31.5 Million. He accumulated his income from football.

Dean Henderson during the match.
Dean Henderson during the match. Source: Instagram

Did Dean Assault His Girlfriend?

Some time back, there was news of the young player Dean being accused of assaulting his partner. 

There was written that Dean attacked his partner, and his partner called the police to arrest him. 

Dean Henderson with his wife.
Dean Henderson with his wife. Source: Instagram

It was also mentioned that Dean hired lawyers because of the circulating news, Dean was very affected. 

Later it was found that the news of him attacking his girlfriend was fake, and he didn't know who was behind all those rumors. 

He said that his whole family had been affected by that rumor and requested people not to believe such kind of rumor. 

Dean Wants To Be A Striker

Dean is brilliant in his goalkeeping career and is doing quite well. 

He is one of the best in the Premier League. He has had quite great saves against big teams and in important matches. 

In an interview, he revealed that he was not initially a goalkeeper and had the skills of a striker. 

He now thinks about scoring goals as a striker is better for him rather than saving goals. 

He is not regretting his decision, but still, he said that he wished he had stayed a striker. 

He thinks he could impact more as a striker than a goalkeeper. 

He also claimed that he is the fastest player in the history of Manchester United. 

He also claimed that his finishing skills are like Harry Kane, and he expressed that Harry Kane has the most brilliant finishers in the world.

Dean Has A World Record

People may find Dean as a very quick and capable goalkeeper, and indeed he is one of the most talented players in the League. 

But only a few people know about his achievement in holding the world record. 

He is the world record holder for the fastest-dressing goalkeeper. He holds the title by wearing the goalkeeper's jersey in 50 seconds. 

He said it was hard to get the pads and other equipment on. 

It is easy for people to see goalkeepers getting dressed but getting dressed in less than a minute is tough than it looks, according to Dean.

Dean Wanted To Leave The Club

Dean was on Manchester United before he went to Forest. In the club, he was promised to be on top of the table for the Europa Cup

But in the meantime, he suffered from the Coronavirus. He was set out until he got recovered. 

After returning to the club, he was not allowed to play most of the matches. 

Those twelve months felt like a waste for Dean as the promise was not kept. 

Even in training, he didn’t want the manager to see his great form as he was fed up with the club. 

He trained privately and away from the manager to not let him see that he was doing good. 

He wanted his manager to let him transfer to any other club as he wanted to be the team's priority.

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