Deanna Daughtry

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Deanna Daughtry

Deanna Daughtry is the wife of American singer, actor and songwriter Chris Daughtry

She has two children with Chris. Deanna herself is a massage therapist and social media influencer by her profession. 

She is currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, in the USA. She is an American citizen by nationality.

Deanna Daughtry with her mother 
Deanna Daughtry with her mother  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status of Chris Daughtry 

Chris was in a relationship with Janet Daughtry. In 1990 Chris married Janet.

After sometimes they ended their relationship. After that, he dated Deanna Daughtry

They got married in 11 November 2000. They have three children altogether. One child is from Chris's wife Deanna's previous marriage. 

As of 2021, they are still together. They have already completed 21 years of their married life together. Chris is very happy with Deanna.

Chris with his wife
Chris with his wife  Source: Instagram 

About Chris Daughtry 

Chris's full name is Christopher Adam Daughtry is an American singer, songwriter and actor born on December 26, 1979

He was born to his parents, Sandra and James 'Pete' Daughtry, and was raised in Lasker, North Carolina

He is well known for being the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the band named Daughtry

Before forming that band, he was a contestant on American Idol

He is a great singer who has won many awards for his performance and skills. Some of his songs are The Letter, Broken, and What If.

Deanna Daughtry husband, Chris
Deanna Daughtry husband, Chris  Source: Instagram 


Her husband is 43 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Chris is $8 Million. He earns from singing, songwriting and acting

The average income of a singer is $157 782 per year.

Loss Of Her First Born

Deanna's daughter from previous relationship Hannah Price died in 2021. Her daughter died at the age of 25.

Deanna was already too upset about her daughter's death, and in addition, the investigation was going on as she was found dead in her room. 

She was having too much pain and heartbroken. At the same time, the rumor broke out that it was a case of homicide

It was a big judgment of some people, due to which Deanna couldn't keep herself shut. 

She took the help of social media to express her feelings. The investigation was going on, and truth was yet to be found. 

I was not sure if it was a murder or suicide. People were coming to conclusions without any research. 

She was already sad and broken, and this rumor traumatized her. She then told everyone to shut up and not be part of rumors.

Deanna Daughtry with her children
Deanna Daughtry with her children  Source: Instagram

Batman Made Chris Love Comic And Its Character

Chris is a big fan of superheroes and comic books. He often is seen reading one in his free time, and it all started in his childhood. 

Back when he was just a child, he used to think of batman as a cartoon character and was not fond of anyone. 

But once, he visited in theater for the first time with his family to watch movie. 

It was family time, and they were all together watching the movie for the first time. The movie was batman. 

Chris was left with his jaw open while watching the movie. He had never seen Batman like that.

He was so much in love with the character that he started reading comic books, and still, now, he considers Batman and The Hulk are his best heroes making her traumatized. 

Chris Learned To Do Hard Work Since His Teenage

Chris is a well-known singer and songwriter now, and it is all because of what he learned when he was 14

He was from a low-income family, so he had lots of interest but had no money. 

He then, in 14 years, started working in Saw Mill with his father and made money. 

The job was hard and physical, but still, he worked hard for money. He was already buying his own stuff at that age. 

He used to buy video games, clothes and many other things from that money. He also owned a color television on his own. 

He knew the worth of hard work, and he followed his hard-working principle. Since then, he grew up and succeeded eventually. 

He is now one of the richest and popular singers and songwriters.

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