Who Is Debbie Whitney? Sister Of Larry the Cable Guy

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Debbie Whitney is the sister of American comedian Larry the Cable Guy. 

She was born to her parents, Tom Whitney Sr and Shirley Whitney. She has two siblings, Tom Jr and Larry.

She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

About Debbie's Brother Larry 

Larry is a professional stand-up comedian

He is well known for hosting the show Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy from 2011 to 2013

He was born in 1963 and has his birthday on Feb 17. His full name is Daniel Lawrence Whitney

His parents raised him with his sister and brother.

Marriage And Children

Larry is married to his wife, Cara Whitney. Larry met Cara back in 2004 in Los Angeles

They got along very quickly and started dating. A year later, in 2005, they got married. 

They share two children, a son named Wyatt and a daughter named Reagan

They have been married for over a decade and are very happy with their kids. 

Family of Larry the Cable Guy.
Family of Larry the Cable Guy. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her brother Larry is 60 years old. He has a net worth of $100 Million

Larry Doesn't Do Girls' Jokes Anymore 

Larry is one of the finest comedians in the entertainment industry. 

He started his career several years ago, and as a stand-up comedian, he used to joke a lot about girls, ex-wives, and other jokes. 

However, his way of comedy changed drastically after he got married. Before, he used to be raw and make dirty jokes. 

He joked about having ex-girlfriends, but since he got married, he stopped making those jokes because he didn't want to be disrespectful to his wife by talking about those things. 

He knows it’s just a joke, but he dislikes it and doesn't want to do that anymore. 

Not only that, after his kids were born, he stopped doing kids and dirty jokes. 

When he didn't have kids and a wife, he used to be very raw, and those jokes felt funny, but now, before making any jokes, he would think if he wants his kids to hear such things.

Larry Got Emotional

Larry did the voice-over for the character Mater in Pixar's movie Cars. 

He recalled the moment when he got an email from Pixar which made him happy and emotional at the same time. 

He couldn't believe it was confirmed when he got an offer from Pixar

His manager Maggie asked him to check his mail and told him that he got an offer from Pixar and asked if he wanted to do it. 

Larry opened up that Pixar has always been an excellent thing for him, and he got excited when his manager told him about that, so he agreed and started asking about the audition. 

But then his manager cleared him that he had already got the role in the movie without auditioning, and after that, he started crying. 

It was a big thing, and he got so excited and emotional and started crying.

Is Larry Dead? 

Larry has been in the comedy line for a very long time, and over the years, he has earned immense fame and many fans. 

Many people love him, and the same people have shown their sadness for his death. 

There has been news circulating on the internet about his death which is nonsense. The comedian is still alive and doing his business. 

The rumor of his death started on Twitter after it changed its previous bird logo into the X Logo

Because of that, people assumed he was dead, and his fans showed sadness. 

Larry's death and the news got viral in no time. However, the rumor ended after knowing that Larry was still breathing and living his life.

Larry Fakes His Accent

Many people who have seen and heard the stand-up comedy of Larry think that Larry is from South America

He has a great Southern accent, but it's not his accent. 

In an interview, he revealed he learned a little bit of the Southern accent from his dad and more from his roommates.  

His dad was a backwood preacher, so he had that little Southern accent, but when he got to Baptist College in Georgia, he had his roommate Dalton

So he learned and got perfect in a Southern accentLarry claimed he could easily change his southern accent to normal in no time.

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