Who Is Debeah Davies? Father Of Alphonso Davies

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Who Is Debeah Davies? Father Of Alphonso Davies

Debeah Davies is the father of Canadian professional soccer player Alphonso Davies

He is married to his wife, Victoria Davies. He has three children, including Alphonso with Victoria

He belongs to the Liberian ethnicity. He is a Liberian - Canadian citizen.

Debeah Davies with his wife.
Debeah Davies with his wife. Source: LifeBogger

Marriage And Children

Debeah is married to his wife, Victoria Davies, and has three children with his wife. 

Debeah and Victoria are blessed with one daughter and two sons. 

Who Is Debeah's Son Alphonso Dating?

Alphonso dated Jordyn Huitema, a PSG football player. They were together for two years, but unfortunately, their relationship didn't work. 

They separated in 2022. Now, Alphonso is not dating anyone. 

Debeah Davies's son Alphonso Davies.
Debeah Davies's son Alphonso Davies. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Debeah are unknown, but his son Alphonso is 22 years old. 

He has a net worth of $6 Million.

Debeah Had To Cross Through Dead Bodies

Debeah originally belonged to Liberia. He didn’t want to leave the country as it was the place where he was born.

But after the civil war broke out, he had no option but to leave the country. 

The situation in the country was so harsh that they were left with either staying by defending themselves by carrying guns or leaving the country. 

So for his family's security and proper future, he decided to leave the country with his family. 

He also told that to get food for his family, and he had to cross the piles of dead bodies. It was the darkest part of his and his family’s life.

The National Team Cannot sell Alphonso’s Jersey.                   

Alphonso has been one of the important players for the Canadian national team and is well-liked by all the fans.

His jersey is one of the selling Jerseys on the national team, but his agent Nick Huoseh made the jersey unavailable from the website. 

It was because the national team didn’t pay anything to the players for using their faces in the advertisements and marketing, which the agent believed unfair. 

He reported that the players have to get what they deserve, so he removed the t-shirt from the website. 

D. Alphonso is already linked personally with Nike and other brands, so he was open to market with companies in person, but with the governing body where he is not paid, he will not work as a marketing face.

Alphonso Had A Hard Childhood

Unlike any other players, Alphonso had a different childhood. He was born in a refugee camp in Germany. 

His parents came to Ghana as refugees when the Civil war broke out. 

They survived a lot of struggle, fear, tears, and poverty. They had to carry guns to survive, so they left their original country. 

Despite all those dark truths that Alphonso‘s parents don’t want to think about now. He played in the slums. 

There he was recognized by many people when he played football. His name recognition led him to succeed as a player. 

His talent was well recognized, and he is now one of the top players in the world, playing for one of the biggest teams in the world.

Alphonso Suffered From A Heart Problem

Alphonso and his teammate were going through the check-up session as the Coronavirus was all over the place. 

But during the check-up, Alphonso was found with heart inflammation after the training. 

It was a small but serious case of injury. Hence he was immediately kept under medical surveillance. 

He was treated possibly and was given the maximum rest. He even missed many important matches.

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