Who Is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer? Mother Of Doja Cat

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Who Is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer? Mother Of Doja Cat

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is the mother of American rapper and singer Doja Cat. Deborah herself is an actress and painter by profession.  

She was born in 1970 in LA. She has her birthday on 1st January. She is a Jewish-American citizen by nationality.

Marriage And Children

Deborah was previously married to her ex-husband, Dumisani Dlamini, who is an actor and film producer.

She met Dumisani when Dumisani came to the USA for a Sarafina tour. They immediately fell connected and decided to get married. 

Deborah and her ex-husband Dumisani have two children together, but they got separated in a very short time. 

After separation, Deborah decided to move out with her children. Her ex-spouse went back to Africa. Because of that, her ex-husband Dumisani became an absentee father in their children's lives. 

Her ex-husband Dumisani had a hectic schedule and became homesick, and because of that, he went back to his own country. 

Dumisani even expected Deborah and his children to come to Africa with him, but they didn't.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer's ex-husband.
Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer's ex-husband. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Deborah is 53 years old. She has a net worth of $100,000 thousand. Her source of income is painting. 

Deborah's Daughter Doesn't Know Her Dad

Deborah and her ex-husband separated when their children were tiny. 

After the separation, Deborah raised her children as a single mom. 

According to Deborah's daughter, Doja, she didn't know much about her dad as he had been away from her since her childhood. 

Although Deborah's daughter and ex haven't met, they still have love and respect for each other, and Doja gets comments from her dad in her Instagram posts. 

Deborah's daughter opened up in a 2019 interview that she wanted to meet her dad in real life. 

Deborah’s ex-husband also talked about Doja in one of the interviews and told her that he had contacted Doja on WhatsApp.

He also shared how proud he feels seeing Doja’s success in the singing world.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer's daughter, Doja Cat.
Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer's daughter, Doja Cat. Source: Instagram

Her Mother inspired Deborah

Deborah is undoubtedly a talented lady with her hand in paintings and movies. 

She is creative and exceptionally talented, so she has enrolled herself in the field of movies by starring in movies like The Chronicles of Blood” and “Friends Don’t Let Friends Date.” 

However, in her painting field, she took inspiration from her mother and inherited her painting skills.

Deborah is so skillful that she doesn’t paint the paintings using standard colors. 

She uses oil, wax, gouache, plastic, and metal. 

Her extraordinary talent is shown to the world through her website. 

She is not active on other platforms but only promotes her works and shares them with the world through her website.

Deborah Raised Her Daughter Doja Good

Deborah has always been a peaceful and environment-loving person, as seen through her artworks. 

Reflecting her personality, she has raised her daughter Doja in her shadow. She has never put any effort into raising her children. 

With all the ethics, morals, and discipline, she raised her children with values. 

It can be seen that Doja is raised well, as she is one of the most respected artists in the scene. 

Doja has also always admired her mother and is very close to her.

Doja Wrote The Song To Reply To Her Haters

Doja released a song named DinduNuffin, which indicated disrespect and dominance towards the black women under police custody. 

The song went on in such a misleading way that people started to call her racist. 

But she came onto Instagram to apologize to her fans and said she was sorry for hurting anyone’s feelings. 

She then revealed that she didn’t mean to express the song in such a way. 

She expressed that she was also a black woman, as her father came from South Africa.

And since her childhood, many people have made fun of her because of her race. 

So the song was just the reply to all the haters who have made fun of her race. 

She is proud that she is one of the black women and belongs to the black community.

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