Who Is Deborah Jennifer Stern? Daughter Of Howard Stern

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Who Is Deborah Jennifer Stern? Daughter Of Howard Stern

Deborah Jennifer Stern is the daughter of TV and radio personality Howard Stern

She was born in 1986 in Manhattan, New York. Her birthday falls on 9th May. Her mother is Alison Berns. She has two siblings.

Her parents got married in 1978 and got divorced in 2001

Parents of Deborah Jennifer Stern.
Parents of Deborah Jennifer Stern. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Deborah is married to Colin Christy

They tied the knot in 2016 in San Francisco. Her husband, Colin, is a businessman.

Parent's Married Life                                        

Howard is married to Beth Stern. Beth is his second wife, as he was previously married to Alison Berns, and he shares three kids with his ex-wife, Ashley Jade, Emily Beth, and Deborah

He started dating Beth after he got separated from Alison. They met each other for the first time at a dinner party. 

He got married to Beth in 2008 after dating for almost eight years

They are together to date and do not have kids together. 

Howard Stern with his wife.
Howard Stern with his wife. Source: Pinterest


Deborah is 37 years old.

Net Worth

Her father, Howard, has an estimated net worth of $650 million

Howard Remembered His Late Friend Ralph Cirella

Howard and Ralph were friends for a very long time. 

Ralph was a makeup artist and stylist who frequently appeared on his popular radio show. He died at the age of 58. 

In his radio show, he said Ralph had been by his side for many years. 

He talked about his death, and he said it was going to be very difficult for him. 

He said he has been sad and angry lately. He noted losing someone you love is the hard part of life. 

He said he has been friends with him for four decades, and they shared laughs and love. 

He said wherever he would be, he used to wait for him backstage as he always loved being around with him. 

He shared there were days when they spent hours talking on the phone. 

He said the main reason why he started his show Hey Now was because of Ralph, as he loved Larry Sander's show, and he used to say Hey Now every minute. 

He said they had no budget for the show when he met Ralph, and Ralph was his makeup artist. 

Ralph made prosthetics for Howard so he looked like Larry King. 

He said their friendship started when Ralph criticized him for his looks, and Howard hired him as his stylist. 

He said he made him meet the love of his life. 

He added he was a trustworthy friend who made him laugh whenever he was with him. 

He said he was like a brother to him, and their admiration over the years was pure. 

He said he could not believe he was saying those things about him in his absence. 

Lastly, he said he was his man. 

Howard Talked About Why He Left America's Got Talent

Howard was a judge on the reality show America's Got Talent for four years. 

He shared that it was the first time he would be on a network television show, so he wanted some wardrobe. 

He went out and bought a bunch of suits for him. 

He said he got those suits from John Varvatos as they were trendy. 

He said he got out of the show because of some silly reasons. 

He said he was judging singers even though he did not know how to sing. 

He said he used to say that they couldn’t sing if someone sounded terrible. 

He said he did not care if he ruined their career as he was very interested in that show. 

He added he had a fun time on that show.

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