Who Is Debra Adams? Mother Of will.i.am

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Who Is Debra Adams? Mother Of will.i.am

Debra Adams is the mother of a famous American rapper, songwriter, singer, and music producer, will.i.am. 

She has eight children. The father of four was William Adams Sr. 

She also adopted two daughters and two sons afterward. She is an American citizen.

Debra Adams with her children.
Debra Adams with her children. Source: Instagram

Son's Married Life

will. is currently unmarried, and he is not dating anyone as well.  

He states that he wants to stay on track with work and grow more in his career. 

Saying that he did have some long-term relationships. His last known relationship was with Casey Batchelor up to 2014. 

Since then, he has seemed to stay dedicated to his work. 

He stated that he wanted to be so successful in life that his kids in the future could live stress-less.

Debra Adams with her son, will.i.am.
Debra Adams with her son, will.i.am. Source: Instagram


Her son is 47 years old. His height is 5ft 9 inches.

Net Worth

Her son's net worth is $70 Million

will.i.am Cannot Stay A Second Without Music

He revealed in an interview that he couldn't stay without music and sounds. 

It is not that he likes to make music all the time. It is because of his disorder that he was diagnosed. 

He was found to be suffering from a hearing disorder named tinnitus.

The disorder produces a buzzing sound in his ears all the time. 

He expressed that he hears more buzzing and ringing sounds while staying silent. 

As he is doing music most of the time, he doesn’t hear or hear fewer ringing sounds at that time. 

Hence, it is one of the reasons that he listens to music all the time. 

Moreover, he also said that his disorder was getting worst day by day. 

will. Believes In AI?

He owns an AI company that believes in future technology. 

He believes that after ten years from now, society will change based on AI

Being from a science background from the beginning of his life, he revealed that he was always fascinated by technologies and AI.

When asked about the risk to human jobs and life due to AI and robots, he answered it would not affect humans negatively. 

He gave an example of the past when people were scared of electricity, airplane, or any new discoveries, but it later brought revolution. 

He said that AI was the same thing and ran on the same concept of revolutionizing the current society.

Her Son Chose Politics After Traveling Outside America

As an American citizen, will. never thought of being a political activist in his life. 

He was doing great as a rapper and music producer. He even owned an AI company.

Being an international artist, he traveled around the world and got to know people’s perspectives on his country America.

He got to know how people thought America was lazy and was not on spark. 

He really wanted to do something for his country and wanted people to view America at the top of the world, where people would want to be. 

Hence, he decided and become a political activist. 

Believes In Not Using Fossils

will. revealed in an interview that people should choose to use electric cars like Tesla rather than cars that run on gas. 

He expressed that America was moving into the future. 

People can plug their cars next to the washing machine, and still, people are not using cars like Tesla

Fossils are not things to be used, according to him. 

He thinks advanced companies like Tesla hold the future, so people should invest more in advancement rather than limited resources like fossils. 

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