Who Is Debra Humphries? Mother Of Kris Humphries

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Who Is Debra Humphries? Mother Of Kris Humphries

Debra Humphries is a celebrity mother. She is mostly known because of her son Kris Humphries

Kris is a former American Basketball Player. He is mainly known for playing in the national basketball association.

Debra fell in love with the football player at the University of Minnesota. 

His name is William Humphries. The couple dated for quite a long. Debra married her husband many years ago. 

They have three children. 

Two of them are daughters and one son. Their name is Kaela Humphries, Crystal Humphries, and Kris.

Debra Humphries's husband William Humphries and son Kris Humphries.
Debra Humphries's husband, William Humphries, and son Kris Humphries. Source: Pinterest

Kris's Love Life

One of the most talked-about relationships connected to Kris is with Kim Kardashian

The ex-couples fell in love and dated each other for a short period. 

They decided to tie the knot in a very lavish way on August 11

Their marriage ceremony was titled Kim's Fairytale wedding in October 2011

After a week, when it was just 72 days of their marriage, Kim filed for divorce, shocking all their followers.

There was some news that newly wedded couples were getting along just a day before Kim filed the divorce. 

There was news from a family friend that Kim felt like she had made a mistake after taking legal action. 

After this action of Kim, Kris also had filed the legal action mentioning that its fraud and Kim did only marry him for the shake of her TV ratings.

The divorce procedure took so long that Kim had already moved in with Kanye West in 2012

They even announced the news that they are pregnant and can't wait to meet their first child. 

Even after this news, the case was dragged, and the judge tried to convince the ex-couple, though they officially divorced in June 2013.

Debra Humphries with her son Kris Humphries and daughter.
Debra Humphries with her son Kris Humphries and daughter. Source: Instagram


Her son Kris is thirty-seven years old

He was born on February 6, 1985, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Net Worth

Her son Kris has a net worth of thirty-five million dollars.

Kris Says He Was Naïve 

In March 2019, after Kris retired, he said that he should have known about the things. 

This famous basketball player calls himself naïve and said he had no idea how his life could change. 

Kris confronted that he feels bad when someone calls it a fake marriage. 

He even wrote a blog saying there may be many things that may not be real in this world, but the relationship he had was one hundred percent real. 

He clarified by saying maybe it didn't work the way they thought, but it wasn't fake. 

He says it was really hard for him to move with an embarrassment in front of his close ones. 

It was a dark period of his life as it was in front of the whole world. 

He added he felt like the whole world was against him, and he couldn't even defend himself because he felt like he couldn't succeed.

Debra Humphries with her son Kris Humphries.
Debra Humphries with her son Kris Humphries. Source: Instagram

Kim Said She Owns An Apology To Kris

After nine years of their divorce, Kim finally revealed her truth about not wanting to be a runaway bride for her life, due to which she did marry Kris as all the preparation was done, and at the last moment, she realized that she didn't want to marry Kris.

Kim said she felt pressure as all the preparation for their grand wedding was already done, and she didn't want to disappoint anyone. 

She said the show was paying them, and she had already taken the entire fee to film the show. 

She said as she wanted the grand wedding, she used all the money from production. 

She even said that if that was fake, she saved her money. 

Kim afterward admitted that she did a wrong thing and owed Kris an apology.

Kris Humphries's ex-wife Kim Kardashian.
Kris Humphries's ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Source: Instagram

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